A vital factor to your golf game are the tee shots. The following golf driving techniques will dramatically improve your game.

It is no surprise that many golfers strive to improve their tee shots, most notably their accuracy and distance. The more distance you can get in a shot, the more likely you are to drop your strokes, resulting in better possibility of birdies or eagles. The better your accuracy, the less likely you are to hook or slice your strikes.

Mastering the combination of these two skills will exceedingly improve your game.

To be able to master both distance and accuracy you will need to perfect your stance and setup. When addressing, as a rule of thumb, always try to keep your feet virtually shoulder-width apart.

You must always remember to address the ball with a square stance, this is a very important technique! You must set your feet up in a way that they are lined up to the target. Although a square stance should always be used, you may find that in some situations you will want to slightly open or close the stance, this is ok, as long as you do so by adjusting the forward foot up or back. This same rule applies to your hips and shoulders, these should stay square to the target. These simple but sound tips to a square stance will have you making large improvements to your game.

In order to increase your distance, you will need to discover the art of speeding up the club head, this can be tricky to master. While keeping your knees flexed, you should make sure that you can fully coil and uncoild your body. Remember, your distance will suffer if your body is to rigid and tall.

If your shots a regularly slicing or hooking, you have a problem. Sometimes your grip can be to blame if your shots are inconsisitant. If it is too strong or too weak you will risk an open or closed club face on impact. To perform a smooth and accurate shot you will need to ensure your grip is neutral, this means not too tight but not too weak.

Always remember to play the ball forward while setting up. Basically, what this means is that that the ball should be closer to your leading foot, not in the middle of both feet. Making this small adjustment in your setup will allow your shot to reach the height and travel with the accuracy you desire.

Another of the less known golf driving techniques is to always make sure that your hips are leading the backswing, your hands and arms should follow. A proper hip turn is crucial in gaining distance off the tee. This is because as your hips start the turn, the hands, arms, head, and upper body will follow.

The top of the backswing is exceptionally important to your swing. Once you reach the top of your backswing, you must let your hips to begin the downswing. After mastering the technique of letting your hips lead the way, you will no doubt be surprised at your improvement.

One of the more well known techniques to improving your accuracy is to ensure the club head is followed by the hands through the strike. This helps you to hit the ball with a square club face, preventing any hooking or slicing issues and giving you a more consistantly accurate shot.

In conclusion to our golf driving techniques, you might want to make an effort with a newer 460cc driver. These drivers are the heaviest available drivers and they incorporate a much bigger head. This can permit you to gain more distance but you need to watch that your accuracy doesn't suffer, practice with these heavier clubs is important. - These things can take a bit of work to master.