Everyday fitness and golf fitness is not mutually exclusive.  Without question, flexibility, stretching and exercise programs designed with the senior in mind will go a long way to improve your goGolf2lf game, as well as reduce and prevent injuries.  A low-impact workout before your game will increase circulation, condition and strengthen muscles, warm up cold muscles, raise your overall fitness level, and puts the power in your golf swing.  With advancement of the years, comes a natural change in levels of endurance, balance, stamina, strength, flexibility and coördination.  Participating in some form of fitness program for seniors will be an investment that simple does not come with a price tag.  The return on your investment will not only improve your game, but most importantly, you gain long-term health benefits from working out.

Golf Exercises—Get Moving

BeGolf After 50fore your game, take a few minutes to do a few warm-up exercises.  Loosen up the shoulders by doing shoulder shrugs. Keep your arms down, start by very gently shrugging your shoulders up and down, then roll them forward several times, and backwards several times.Stretch With Golf Club2

Twisting from side to side, with your hands on your hips, or with your 4-iron across your shoulders; twist left and hold, then right and hold, repeat several times.

Some people practice their swings with a weighted club; a few practice shots will help muscle tone, and improve your club speed.  Weighted clubs can be purchased from most sporting goods stores.

Sit on a chaIt's Easyir and gently raise one leg, point your foot down and hold, then point your foot up and hold, stretching in each direction as far as you comfortably can, then rotate the foot in circles, clockwise and counter clock wise; then repeat with the opposite leg.  The leg exercises with help with circulation and help strengthen your thigh muscles.

Golf Lessons

Whether you are new to golf, or a well-seasoned golf enthusiast, a few lessons can be a great way to start the golf season.  For the novice, a good instructor will not try to make you an expert in just a few lessons, but will work with you one swing at a time.  A good instructor will try to heGolf Swing(90215)lp you understand the fundamentals as to why certain things are done a particular way.  Understanding is the key to learning, and it is essential that the instructor explains the importance of posture, grip, rotation, technique, as well as what muscles and parts of the body are used to improve your game.  A good golf coach should help take the mystery out of golf and help tailor your game to your individual needs.

A Few Tactical and Practical Strategies for the Senior Golfer

A good stance is with your feet no more than shoulder width apart, toes pointing out just slightly.  Have a mental picture of the course before playing will help your mental acuity which gives you an idea of how many swings you will need for the game.  Many golfers tend to tuck their heads down towards their chests, but if you focus on the ball by looking directly at it, align your head with your spine, and not move it, this position will help improve your swing.  Another good position is to bend slightly forward from the waist, focus directly on the ball, while standing in the proper stance.  A good swing starts by holding your club properly with your stronger and more dominant hand beneath the least dominant hand. 

Apart from driving and putting, chipping and pitching is an important aspect of the game.  It is vital to keep in mind that the ball bounces and rolls once it makes contact with the ground, and the diffeGolf(90209)rent types of bounces and rolls are the result of the different types of chips and pitches.  To achieve an effective chip or pitch, choose the right club, decide the projection and what direction the ball will go once it stops rolling, try to assess the swing strength you will need to land the ball where you want it, and begin.  The ball should spend the least amount of time in the air covering the least amount of distance.  With a little research and due diligence, seniors will find there are many resources at their disposal to help improve their game, while helping to create their own comfortable style with what works best for them.

Senior Golf Vacations

There are manyTravel Deals wonderful senior golf vacation packages that offer relaxation, exciting and senior-friendly games on new courses, and even golf lessons from pros.  There are vacation packages that include transportation and airfare, accommodations, as well as rounds of golf on new golf courses.  There are some very unique golf vacation spots in Hawaii, Bermuda, Myrtle Beach, and Arizona to name a few.  When you are ready for a well-deserved respite from the ordinary, to have a little fun in the sun, a wonderful golf holiday awaits you where you can re-discover the joys of the game.




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