I like to chat a bit, so this article starts with a fair amount of me rambling, mostly about housecleaning and other pointless tasks.  If you’d like to skip all that fantastic background and go straight for the good stuff, scroll down to: At Last – The Review!

When I first started writing, I decided I would not be doing those tacky sales-disguised-as-information pieces. You know them, the cheery ‘reviews’ with the oh-so-conveniently placed ad?  Well, clicking on that ad to buy something pays a commission to the person who provided the link.  Really?  You didn’t know? Yep, most product reviews online are made up crap just to get you to buy something, they find the product page and parrot what the product says about itself.  Kind of like a written version of the infomercial.  Since I'm anit-commercialism for the most part, this was not something I wanted to do, but here I am, writing about a product.  Why? Because I’m thrilled everytime I use this pet sponge.  And it's reusable so it suits my green soul.

I’m not the world’s greatest housekeeper, no, strike that, I suck at keeping my house clean.  It's not something I was ever really able to warm to.  I had a friend once, Nancy, who told me she had a weekly dusting schedule so she was sure not to miss any part of the house whilst cleaning.  She also had her closet organized first by item, and then by color.  I told her I kept my clothes in the dryer as it was so much easier than putting them away. Dust?  How else do you know how long something’s been sitting on the shelf if not for the thickness of the dust layer.  I know that some people keep their floors clean enough to eat off of – mine’s not really even clean enough to walk on. You think I’m kidding, don’t you?  Hate cleaningThere are much better things to do in life.

Bo and ButchCredit: JestMe

In a fit of poor planning one day I got a cat. So now, along with my inability to see, um, clutter, I also have a long haired cat. Gray, so he coordinates well with all my belongings.  I did think that through before getting an orange cat or something.  You’ve already guessed the next part, haven’t you?  Cat hair.  Lots and lots of cat hair.  On the floor it’s not so bad since it balls up into little fur tumbleweeds that gather in the corners and can be collected periodically, but the furniture…. Holy moly.  Why do cats feel the need to find the one clean thing in the house and nap there?  And clothes!  Good grief!  Fortunately I commuted by public transportation, so usually by the time I got to work most of the cat hair had been….redistributed, but I still needed the occasional cleaning before leaving the house.  And occasionally the house does get cleaned.

During my periodic house keeping frenzies I’d first vacuum as much hair off the furniture as possible, then follow up with those sticky rollers.  The vacuum isn’t really all that effective so it takes a lot of sticky rollers to really clean all the fabric.  Usually my cleaning delirium would end long before I’d removed a good portion of the fur mat that had collected and I'd be left with a moderately fur-coated couch and a pile of sticky tape to throw away.  Then on a whim one day while shopping for cat treats (you need to soothe their nerves after removing all their fur art work) I bought the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter:

Gonzo Phl12d Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter
Amazon Price: $5.99 $3.24 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 24, 2013)

At Last- The Review!

It’s a bit smelly at first, and big, which makes it a little awkward to hold, but this bright yellow sponge is like a magic eraser that wipes up all the pet hair.  If there’s only a light layer of fur, one swipe picks it up, then you just pull the fur off the sponge and swipe the next area.  In my house, for the cats’ sleeping area on the (red) couch it takes smaller swipes, and more of them, but we’re talking serious fur here.  I just washed my duvet cover, and natch, when I pulled it out of the dryer it was covered with those tight, freshly-washed knots of cat fur. One swipe of the Pet Hair Lifter lifted those pet hair wads right away.  Next time I think I’ll swipe the bedspread before chucking it in the wash since the knots don’t cling as well to the sponge as the free-flying cat hairs, but it still worked.  It even cleans my fleece jacket, which the sticky rollers and the washer are completely useless for when attempting de-furring.

Yep, there are very few things in the world that I would go to the trouble of recommending people buy, but this Pet Hair Lifter sponge is way up on my list of “must haves” for anyone with long hair cats.  And the best part?  It’s bright yellow!  It usually takes me less than 10 minutes to figure out where I left it!  Ok, that’s not the best part, but yes, it’s easy to spot.  I’m guessing Nancy has a pet cupboard or something.

So there you have it, an actual review. Go ahead, click on that link up there and order one, you’ll make me…. almost 30 cents!  You should buy two, you won’t have to look as long to find one.

edit:  I just noticed it's on sale, um, would you mind buying, say 12? It will be everybody's favorite Christmas present, I promise! If not, just leave one in every room.

Pet cupboard......bah..