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Do you have GoodSync?  You probably have never heard of it before.  It is high time that you find out more about it and the numerous advantages you will gain by utilizing the features of GoodSync. 


Synchronize Your Cyber Life with GoodSync

GoodSync is a reliable and easy file synchronization and back-up software.  If you have ever felt the dread of losing you files due to a hard drive crash, then you know the expense and the emotional pain that can come along with such an event.  Rarely is information totally lost, but the difficulty in retrieving it can come at a high cost.  Some computer repair houses can retrieve information on a healthy hard drive for as little as $50.  However, if there is damage to that hard drive, the price can go way up.  The nice thing about GoodSync is that the Pro version of the software is much less costly.  Even better, you can download standard GoodSync at no cost what so ever.

You have probably heard things like this before.  You think that the basic software will only include limited access or will not work as well as the pay version.  This is not the case with GoodSync.  The standard version is a powerful utility that will allow you to back up files between computers on a local network or over the internet.  You can synchronize your files manually or set GoodSync to do it automatically.  You have total control over which files you want to synchronize as well.  GoodSync is not only a powerful synchronization tool; it is also a great backup utility.

GoodSync is good for both Mac and PC users

With GoodSync, you can back up files locally or through a network and even over the internet.  Once again, you will have full control over which files are backed up and which are not.  You can use GoodSync to back up to a removable drive, Amazon S3, WebDAV, FTP, or SFTP.  Keeping your files safe and secure, the entire time the backup is taking place.  Even more outstanding is that GoodSync is available for both Mac and PC users.

Excellent features

Some of the great features of GoodSync are the bi-directional synchronization that takes place with GoodSync.  This means that whether you are using your laptop or desktop, GoodSync is able to tell which file has been altered most recently and make the changes accordingly.  GoodSync is high speed and low memory.  It can analyze a job set of files containing 1Meg of files in approximately 10 minutes and only needs 500 Megs of space on your hard drive.  GoodSync can also sync with your phone, tablet, or pocket PC.  With the onset of Windows 7 and the 64 bit architecture, many people are finding it difficult to utilize 32 bit programs on their newer systems.  GoodSync has taken care of this problem as well, it will work on either 32 or 64 bit programs with ease.

Escape System Crashes with GoodSync

If you are concerned with backup file security, then you need fear no more.  GoodSync can encrypt and compress your backup files so you will never have to worry about the wrong information falling into the wrong hands.

GoodSync is the backup and synchronization software wave of the future…today.