It happens really to everyone: being late for work. Perhaps you have a very good reason to be late, but most managers have heard it all before. But what should you say? What sounds real and what doesn't? Below you will find a selection of good and bad excuses for being late.

Good Excuses

When you are late for work, the best excuse is probably the real reason why you weren't on time. However, if you can't tell the real reason, you might want to try one of these excuses:

  • I had a power outage and my alarm clock didn't go off
  • I am having 'women's problems' (although this excuse is not really applicable if you are a male..)
  • I'll be out today or late, I woke up dizzy (your manager hopefully will still appreciate your commitment if you show up)
  • I had car trouble (being late because of car trouble is difficult to disprove)
  • Unexpectedly I had to drop off the kids (many bosses are sympathetic to family needs that arise at the last moment)
  • I was dealing with heavy traffic (sometimes accidents cause unexpected delays that cannot be anticipated)

Bad Excuses (although some are funny!)

  • The line was too long at Starbucks
  • I sleep at home better than in the office
  • I have transient amnesia and could not remember my job
  • The bartender did not want to let me go
  • Your wife did not want to let me go
  • I'm not late, I make different hours
  • My dog ate my Blackberry and I didn't know what day it was
  • I dreamed I was already at work
  • My husband/wife likes to hide my keys before leaving for work
  • My ex-husband/wife stole my car so I couldn't drive to work.
  • I have a date I need to get ready for, so I won't be working today.

If your manager feels that you are really sorry for being late, he or she will probably not make a fuss about it.

Late for Work (25774)If you are late often, then you need to take measures to reach your job on time. If you are constantly late because of traffic, leave your house earlier. If you don't have enough time to get ready and leave your house at the right time, wake up a bit earlier so you have enough time to get ready for work. It is better not having to use any excuse at all, even if you have a list of good excuses!