Good business ethics are very important to the majority of employers in any company. I believe employees that show good ethics in the work-place would be employed well before those without. Businesses need their employees to be able to promote their company with top public relations, good representation, and good manners. These are all an important part of customer service.

Too many big companies fall short because their employees do not respect the prospective client and their requirements at all. Instead they tend to be more interested in what the other person did last week, than what the customers wants.

Work Place ethics training

All businesses should train their staff in good business ethics. They need to be trained with a comprehensive knowledge of the products they are selling to their clients. How often have you gone to buy something and when you ask a simple question, the employee has no knowledge of the article they are selling? Occasionally one will say I am not sure and will go and ask someone else. Although far too often, they do not bother to find out, instead they shrug and walk off.

Good business ethics are even more important from the employers. You cannot blame the workers if the bosses do not set a good example and are not given any training in the operation of the products they are expected to sell.

Ethics in the Workplace


Ethics in the Workplace can also refer to staff being reliable, punctual and work as a team with the rest of the staff and management. If the employees have the opposite attributes like laziness and show lack of values, the company will not prosper, and the employees should not be there very long. Team management and working together are very important parts of running a professional business.

Employees need to show their fellow workers and bosses that they have a good attitude and care about working together to improve the way the business is operated.

Corporate ethics training


In recent times corporate companies employ high paid employees to go in and retrench so called superfluous staff in order to downsize and cut costs. It may improve their turnover but it will not improve their employees' work ethics. Instead the remaining employees will have to work harder and longer hours. In return they will resent the person/persons in charge and their own work ethics will drop.

Their original incentive to have good work ethics will be quashed; they will have lost any inspiration they once had to improve the company's business. So I ask why this is still done. In my opinion instead of paying some outsider an exorbitant wage to retrench employees why not give their loyal workers a bonus for more productive work.



No matter where you work or in what capacity or position you are in, you should always try to do your best. Respect has to be earned, by both the employer and the employee if there is none then, there is no chance of anyone excelling in work ethics in that business or company.

At the same time  there are no benefits without employee development in any working environment.