Finding good cars under 5000 dollars can be tough especially if you want something that is safe on the road. Keep in mind that at this price range, you will have no choice but to purchase a used vehicle that will most likely have scratches, dents and dust on the surface. You might also need to replace the breaks and tires to make sure that it is running in good condition. If you prefer to buy a new car, you are going to have to spend at least 10,000 dollars.However, if you can find a safe and stable used car, you will be saving yourself a lot of money.

Before buying a used car, it is important that you check to see that it has all the proper safety functions. While inspecting the vehicle, ask yourself or the dealer the following: Does the car come with anti-lock breaks, air bags and four doors? How much mileage does the car have? Has the car been in any previous accidents? By being prepared and doing a little bit of research, you will be able to find good cars under 5000 dollars.

Where To Look

When you start looking for good cars for teenagers, do your research. Your local auto repo auction is a good place to look. You can usually find these places by doing a simple search on Google. Once you've found a website, make sure you filter results, according to the preference of the car, your current location and your price range. If you live in a fairly large city, you shouldn't have any trouble finding one close to your vicinity. Due to the lukewarm economy, there have been a lot more used cars at these auto repo auctions. Owners who fail to make their monthly payments have to surrender their cars to their lenders. What this means for you is that you have a lot more choices in selecting great used cars. 

You can also look for cars online by going to sites like Craigslist. You can search on Craigslist based on the closest city to your house. The people who sell on Craigslist are just regular sellers who are putting up their items for sale because they're moving away or they need to make some extra cash. There are a lot of cars that are sold on Craigslist, and every now and then, you can sift through the results and find some real gems. I have a friend who has bought or sold 6 cars on the site and he told me that it is best to deal locally in your own neighborhood. He also told me never send money over the Internet and to always exchange money after meeting the seller in person. Don't be lazy! Test drive the vehicle you are going to buy to make sure that there aren't any problems. 

Best Used Cars For Teen Drivers

In order to keep costs low, it is important not only to buy a used car, but also to buy a safe one. If you buy a Mustang or Corvette convertible, chances are that your insurance will skyrocket through the roof. Not only are those cars expensive, but they are also very fast. Statistics show that teen drivers speed a lot more than their older counterparts. Below, are some great options for teen drivers. If you can find a used vehicle on this list, it'll most likely be under 5,000 dollars. 

1. Honda Accord

2. Honda Civic

3. Subaru Forester

4. Nissan Altima

5. Mercury Milan

6. Scion xB

7. Hyudai Sante Fe

Tips For Buying Used Cars

In order to keep costs low, I highly recommend buying used cars in cash. If you bring cash, you will have the upper hand in bargaining with car dealers. With cash, you can effectively cut the initial price of the used car by almost 50 percent! Of course, you will need to be convincing, and whatever you do, do not give in to the demand of a car salesman. The used cars that are put out for sale are already overpriced and they are hoping to profit off of naive buyers. That is why it is so important to do your research beforehand about the used cars you want to buy. This way, you already have a feel for how much a particular used car is worth. Never let them bully you in to buying something that you don't want. 

If you follow the tips outlined above, you should be able to find good cars for teenagers under 5000 dollars.