Five Books That Parents and Kids Love

At around five, kids start transitioning off picture books but still need someone to read to them.  Because they are developing an interest and attention for deeper storylines, parents and caregivers can enjoy the reading as well.  The following is a list and review of some of the best entry-level chapter books to read aloud to your 5 to 10-year-old.  These are all classics that should be part of everyone's library, as your child may ask you to re-read them again and again. 

Most of these books have also inspired movies or shows.  Because of the vast and well documented benefits of reading to your child,[1] I recommend starting with the novel to maximize development of your child's imagination and critical thinking, then offer a viewing of the movie or show.

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

If you think you know this book from the Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie, think again.  This is a classic tale that deserves a reading. You will enjoy discovering plot and character elements not present in the classic Gene Wilder film.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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(price as of Nov 27, 2014)

2. Charlotte's Web

Farms, animals and friendship...  A heartwarming story that captures the attention of early elementary school kids with great animal characters and light action sequences.  An easy and engaging read for mom or dad too.

Charlotte's Web
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3. Little House on the Prairie

ThereBest children novels's a reason why this is a hugely popular novel and brand, particularly for dads, daughters and history buffs.  Compelling and satisfying at a fundamental level, you will find yourself  grabbing the other titles in the series.



4. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Best books for kids; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Another classic fantasy tale that deserves a read if all you know is the movie version.  Parents of younger or sensitive children will want to adjust some of the slightly violent passages.



5. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Product DetailsMischievous and lovable characters make Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle such an engaging book that young kids love to hear again and again.  Each chapter highlights a different child, creating short stories within the larger arc and making this an ideal book to own. You can easily read a chapter here or there depending on your child's mood or when you are looking for something to hold you over in between books.


So there you have it... five great entry-level chapter books that parents and children can both enjoy. These are great books for when your child is ready to graduate from picture books and easy reader stories, but not quite ready for more complex adventure or mystery novels.

What is your favorite entry-level chapter book to read aloud?