What is citizenship? I consider citizenship to be a number of different things combined. Citizenship is participating, communicating, helping, and enriching, your community. We must also respect Maslow's law in all forms to be good citizens. Governmental, Parental, educational, everywhere and to everyone, we must respect Maslow's laws, to grow and prosper as humans. Everyone as citizens carry these responsibilities. The people in the government, all the way down to the small first grader in school.

In participation, there must be life. The old women who meet once every week at 5pm to go play bingo. The kids who decide they will all go play on the community play structure. The government that decides to build a play structure in the community. Everyone in a community must participate to be citizens. You cannot simply be recluse and close yourself off from the world. You cannot just go to school, live through that until you get a job, do the job, and die. You must contribute for the better of the community. Life is not about what you do it is about what you do in between. A good citizen and citizenship in general is being alive in complete sense. Be "a part".

Communication is key. The government that does not communicate to its people will fall. The student that does not communicate his understanding of mathematics will fail. In a community, there must be communication so everyone "understands" understanding is very important to good citizenship. Miscommunication leads to mistakes, and mistakes lead to negatives. Negatives do NOT lead to being a good community or being a good citizen, AKA citizenship.

Helping is one of the most important. You can communicate and participate but in society, but doing those and ignoring those who need support or help will eventually spread unhappiness. The government must help the people. Free healthcare, pensions, insurances, laws, and regulations to protect them are part of this. Teachers must help students to become good citizens so they can contribute to society and be happy in life. Parents must do the same, for they have the crucial role of "forming the clay as it [children] hardens. They form who they will be and what they will be like. In a community, helping is very important. Lending sugar to your neighbour if they need it, giving your extra change to the cold hungry pauper, volunteering on school's field trip. Helping is above all, VERY important; it holds the essence of good citizenship.

Enrichment. To become better people and citizens, augment happiness, and live in harmony, we must be a "participating" member in the act of enriching of our community. We must contribute to activities; contribute to the governing of our community and country. Tying in with help, we must all help each other to enrich our lives in whatever way possible we can. Together we can grow as citizens.
Respecting Maslow's law is essential to all growth and prospers of any community. We as citizens must respect the needs of others. Starting at physiological needs, and ranging to self-emotion, and identity. The government must allow us to obey this law in order to grow and help others in their growth.

Overall, being a good citizen is just love. Be alive in a full sense and that is all you need.