College Essay Topics

Essay Topics

A college essay is the first chance a college has to see you as a potential student. Your essay can be the making or breaking point of your application, and can be the most influential part of you application also. By researching good college essay topics, you can write an essay that will capture the admission officer’s attention.

Here is a list of good college essay topics and what you need to cover with each topic.


When you are writing your essay, you want to write about something that has profoundly impacted you personally. This will help showcase you as a good candidate to the college of your choice. You can give the admissions office insight into who you are and why you would be a good candidate by being as detailed as possible about the event, movie, or book that influenced who you are.


Describe a specific event from your childhood that influenced who you became today. By showing the hurdles that you have overcome, you can show the college why you would be an excellent candidate to represent them. Certain events and situations from your childhood can show your ability to adapt to change. Writing about your childhood and how you grew up can give some insight to the college admissions office, and capture their interests in you as an applicant.

Career Goals

Students that succeed at achieving their career goals are a good advertisement for the college. By showing your passion for the field of study you have chosen, the college admissions officer may see that you can be an asset to their college. Describe these career goals in your essay, and show how you will use your professional career in order to help the community.

Current Events

Writing about current events can show your understanding for what is going on in today’s society. It will also show the admissions office that you are intelligent and mature. Showing an interest in current events will show that you are eager to learn, and to take action. Both are very important characteristics when it comes to applying for college.

These are just a few good college essay topics, and are the most common ones that students use. The more you research and learn about these topics the better composed your essay will be. And the more likely you will be to gain admission to the college of your dreams.