When most people go look for good computer deals, they have a tendency to try to buy new. We all like to buy new things, even though this doesn't always make sense. Good computer deals do not always mean finding that new laptop on sale, why not look at a cheap used notebook instead?

First of all, you will want to determine what your own computer needs are. If you are running powerful graphics software, or are going to be gaming on your laptop...a cheap used notebook is probably not the best option. In this case you will want to buy new, because this software often has high operating requirements. There is nothing worse than being on your laptop, and waiting for hours for everything to load up.

On the other hand, if your needs are simply word processing, internet browsing, and other basic tasks a cheap used notebook is the best option. Not only are you saving a bunch of money, but you are also helping reduce the amount of electronic waste polluting our environment.

Finding good computer deals basically means you are more than likely buying technology that is at least 1-3 years old. When looking for your cheap used notebook, be patient. Depending on what different peoples needs are depends on when they upgrade and typically sell or dispose of their old technology. There are some people who probably sell their laptops after a year. What is a cheap used notebook to them, could actually greatly exceed your computing needs.

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Places to Find Good Computer Deals

Craigslist - This is the ultimate online garage sale, chances are that there will be dozens of cheap used notebooks and other good computer deals in your area on this site daily. Since there are so many people posting on craigslist, you will also end up getting a good idea about what you should be offering. Do not buy in the first few days of browsing, feel out the market for those first few days.

Local Computer Shop - You probably will pay slightly more going into a local computer shop, but you have the peace of mind that you purchased this equipment from a business, and if something goes wrong you know where to go back to. If their business is credible, their cheap used notebooks for sale will also not be bogus.

When Buying a Cheap Used Notebook

- Make sure that the hard-drive is wiped clean. If you have a license for a more recent operating system you might want to upgrade. This is especially true if the cheap used notebook has Windows Vista on it. (Windows 7 is amazing!)

- Make Sure that the battery still works, I personally usually plug my laptop in...but it's nice to have the option to remain unplugged for a few hours.

- If the cheap used laptop happens to be under warranty, make sure that the seller passes that information on to you.

- If you are suspicious that the laptop is stolen property at all, do not purchase the item and contact the proper authorities.

- Above and beyond all, make sure the thing works before you hand over any money!

If you happen to be purchasing a new laptop and are getting rid of your old one, remember that chances are that it can still find some use. Don't be quick to dispose of your old technology. Put it up on craigslist, give it to a family member/friend, or donate it to a charity for someone who is less fortunate.

The bottom line is that when you are looking for good computer deals or any cheap used notebook you need to be patient, and to exercise caution. If you do your homework there is no reason that you can't save a bundle of money.