Websites need unique content with substance that is linkable. Unfortunately, a lot of web content runs the risk of failing to grab people's interest. There are several traps that content can fall into making it far from intriguing to site viewers.

Content can be too commercial and business-like. I know from my own experience that users don't want to feel like they're being lectured or taught about something. These things can make some content come off as “one-sided” or biased even which is a big turn off for any visitor. From the second one enters a site they can get a feel for what the company is trying to say to the public. If a site comes off as pushy or has a know-it-all sort of manner, you know you're headed in the wrong direction content wise.

Users don’t want to feel as though they are being backed into a corner. When I visit websites I prefer if they are filled with open-minded viewpoints and a hefty amount of diversity. Content that lacks different perspectives doesn't measure up. If you truly want to gain a larger audience, than you need to venture out and find new opinions. Content should be unique and eye catching to those surfing the waves of the web if your goal is to get more links back to your site.

Often content is not put in front of the right people and that is why it fails to make an impression. This problem can often be solved by preforming solid SEO tactics to make sure that interested people can find you easily. There is also an issue of the purpose of your website not meshing with the content that you provide for visitors. Everyone has been on one site or another that is too confusing to even stay for more than a few minutes.

The content was either poorly organized or had nothing to do with what you thought the site was about. You have to remember that most individuals do not have the time or patience to try and solve the puzzle that your website might be due to a bad case of “content confusion.” My advice would be to try and keep your content simple, yet you need to have enough interesting content that will serve to keep an audience interested.

Promotion is a very important part of the content creation process. I think the main issue with most content is that it is not promoted properly and this means that no one is reading it. Social media sites are a fantastic way to get more publicity for your content.

The majority of people use or know someone who uses Facebook and Twitter. This makes these sites a great way to get the word out there.