If you have diabetes then you probably know that diabetic foot problems are very common and can be quite serious.  Diabetics are often faced with extreme foot complications stemming from two unique problems that work together exponentially against your health.  The first big problem is that diabetes often leads to neuropathy in the feet of long time diabetics resulting in a lack of sensation where it is most needed.

In average people with no nerve problems irritation is quite noticeable when you feel it on your feet.  When you go walking and start developing a blister you usually can feel it before the blister becomes really bad.  With neuropathy in the feet however irritations like this typically go unnoticed until the blister becomes really bad or until later in the day when the shoes come off and the damage can be seen by the naked eye.

Drew Diabetic Walking ShoesTo compound the problem many diabetics, also as a complication from a lifetime of diabetes, suffer from small artery disease in the feet.  This is sometimes referred to as peripheral artery disease or simply, poor foot circulation.  This is bad because the blood is the catalyst for healing.  Blood carries white blood cells which flush damaged cells out of the body and fight against infection.  Proper healing can’t take place if the damaged are can’t get enough blood supply and antibiotics won’t help much either because the blood is how these antibiotics are delivered to the injury.

Why You Need Good Diabetic Athletic Shoes

Drew Men's Diabetic Hiking ShoesIf the preceding problems are so prevalent in diabetics then why do you need good diabetic athletic shoes?  Exercise is the best way to improve blood circulation in the feet and wearing diabetic walking shoes or diabetic running shoes is the best way to exercise safely when you have diabetic foot complications such as these.

The benefits of wearing these specialty shoes rest in their design.  They are designed to make it safer to exercise on a daily basis by being looser around the ankle and foot area.  Normal shoes are not shaped appropriately for diabetics who have wide or deep feet.  Many diabetics have deformed feet making exercise very uncomfortable even in the best walking shoes.

Drew Women's Diabetic Hiking ShoesDiabetic walking shoes however are usually wider and deeper so they can accommodate the different shaped feet the many diabetics have and they make blood circulation better because they do not bind at the ankle or in the toe areas.  If you need to exercise to lose weight, control blood sugar, and improve blood circulation in your feet then you absolutely need a good pair of diabetic athletic shoes.  Walking shoes are probably best and although they may be more expensive than basic walking shoes you should find that the price is more than worth it.

Of course there are steps you can take to find good diabetic walking shoes for less.  Many diabetic supply stores carry some good options but often you can find the same shoes for sale on Amazon for less.  At the very least even buying name brand items online can result in cost saving so get shopping and get back into shape.  Diabetes doesn’t have to result in immobility due to foot problems.