Good Electric Guitars For Beginners

There are many good electric guitars for beginners but it can be difficult to decide which brand to buy. There are many cheap brand out there that you should stay away from including those you’ll find in catalogues and places such as department stores. It is much better to buy a brand name guitar than a cheap imitation because you’ll be getting a decent guitar and value for your money. Many major guitar manufacturers produce some quality beginner guitars and electric guitar packages that can get you started as a beginner on the electric guitar.

You’ll also need to buy a small amplifier, some picks, a guitar strap, a music stand and other small accessories so you’ll need to factor in these costs before you go out and buy your instrument.  Many of the starter packages by makers such as Yamaha, Gibson, and Fender offer these accessories as part of a package deal so they make great first investments towards learning how to play the guitar.

Fender and Gibson packages

Fender Starcaster Strat Electric Guitar Starter Pack, Black is one option for an electric guitar package.  The pack includes the Starcaster guitar, 10 watt amplifier, strings, strap, cable and picks. The amplifier will be fine for a beginner but you’ll want to buy something a bit better down the road. Fender also features a Squier Stratocaster package that comes with a Fender Frontman amplifier, stereo headphones, instructional DVD, chromatic tuner, gig bag, cable, guitar strap, and picks.  Most of these Fender packages also come in different colors. These guitars are not a full Stratocaster but they are decent guitars. My first guitar was a Squier by Fender and I used it for over 10 years before buying a new guitar.

Gibson also offers some guitar packages that offer good value for your money. One example package is the Epiphone Special-II Les Paul Player Pack comes is a good value with an Epiphone Les Paul, Epiphone Studio 10 amplifier, gig bag, instructional video,; pitch pipe, strap, cable, and picks. While these packages come with a gig bag, I recommend buying a hard shell case to protect your guitar even if it’s just a beginner guitar.

Other Packages

Dean, Yamaha, and other guitar makers also feature guitar packages. Yamaha for example offers the Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar Package while Dean offers the Dean Electric Guitar Starter Pack with Vendetta XMT guitar. ESP offers the ESP LTD M Electric Guitar Value Package. For little girls there’s the Daisy Rock Debutante Rock Candy Princess Atomic Pink Electric Guitar Pack.

Lesser Brands from Major Manufacturers Make the Best Beginner Guitars

The best beginner electric guitars are those from the major guitar makers but their lesser brands. So for example if you like Fender guitars the Squier is a good choice or for the Les Paul the Epiphone is a good choice. These are good quality beginner instruments. There’s nothing worse than buying a very cheap electric guitar because not only will it be hard to play but it’s not going to last very long.  This is why these starter packages are such great deals, you get everything you need to begin, plus you get a decent instrument to learn on.  Once you get the guitar package be sure to invest in some beginner guitar lessons from a teacher to learn all the basics about guitar playing. Once you get better and decide to stick with playing you can buy things such as a wah wah pedal or a nice distortion pedal, a better guitar and a good amplifier.  Guitar packages make for good electric guitars for beginners and are well worth the money.