Good food for a healthy heart depends on what you eat. Agents responsible for blood vessel damage, cause heart disease. Oxygen in a place where it is not supposed to be found can cause a tendency for it to react with fatty substances and turn them into harmful compounds.

These oxidized fats can cause clogging of arteries. Oxidized fats get into the body through two means, in diets or when oxygen reacts with fats in your body. It is important to cut down on dietary fats, to be able to limit your intake of oxidized fats, and reduce the circulation of fats in your blood after a meal. You must eat fewer fried foods, to be able to effectively lower your blood cholesterol.

Although, oxidized fats cannot be totally avoided, your body has the ability to prevent fat from being oxidized, and neutralizes fat that would have reacted with oxygen. To be able to get your body to have this defense mechanism, your body needs a daily supply of antioxidants from your diets.

The following antioxidant nutrients with their food sources will help you get the best in having a healthy heart.

  1. Vitamin A: Sources of vitamin A are beta-carotene, egg yolk, and liver.

2. Vitamin C: Sources include peppers, broccoli, citrus, melons, berries, and tropical fruits.

3. Vitamin E: Sources include nuts, wheat germ, seeds and their oils.

  1. Beta-carotene: sources include sweet potatoes, apricots, paw-paw, and dark yellow and green vegetables.

5. Selenium: sources include: Red meat, whole grains, nuts, and sea foods.

6. Zinc: Sources include whole grains, oysters, liver, and sea foods.

You must avoid high fat ingredients, including butter, oil, cream, and sour cream. Also, avoid high fat foods like cheese, sausage, and avocado, and high fat cooking methods like broiling with butter, frying, and sauntering.

Endeavor to watch your cholesterol level, by consuming less saturated fat, from foods like full fat yogurt, cheese, whole milk, and sour cream; and less Trans fat present in fried and processed foods. It is recommended to eat more of fish.

Avoid high oil and sodium diets, and make sure you cut down on these by eating steamed rice instead of fried Also, avoid egg rolls, fried dumplings, and higher fat diets like pork. In addition avoid deep fried chicken and fish.

This is so because there are many problems involved with fried food, as they are not good food for a healthy heart. If you desire a healthy heart, eat good foods as outlined above.

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