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People are often confused what a good food is or a good food habit. But the answer is there is no such food or food habit which we can wholly depend upon for the rest of our live, as anyone can get bored eating the same set of food every day. Healthy food is not about strict nutritional content, getting thin or not having the food you love. Rather it’s about good feeling, energetic, stability and keeping up in good health. These habits can be incorporated with a minimal amount of basic knowhow of nutrients and adding a plethora of food in you intake.

Simplify your diet

This may sound absurd but the truth is, if we at times are too much concerned on or calories and portion sizes. Rather than that we have to take it easy and be concerned on the variety of food that we eat on colour, freshness and likes of an individual. And we can expect our diet to become healthy and delicious gradually.

 The next thing to simplify our food habit is to take gradual step at a time so that our body don't feel the shift of dietary habits change which can lead to harmful effect. So, start simple and sound don't take drastic steps.

 The next point is regarding the food we love. We don't have to be a perfectionist in our daily food intake, at times we can enjoy what we crib for. Eating healthy doesn't mean always eating green leaves and soya beans, few times we can get away from these and have our double cheese pizza. As the long term goal is to have a healthy body, more energy, and reduce the risks of diseases.


Water and Exercises

The two main necessary ingredients to to help you more than the intake of food. Water, which flush the waste products and toxins is the single most agent to keep you away from causing tiredness, low on energy and dehydrated. And also keeping yourself hydrated can keep you 'alive' all through the day without having to do any unusual exercises or crunches. On the other hand exercises can be thought of a simulating agent to your good health. We can think of it like, it is as much necessary to gain energy with food as to lose energy in proper manner in exercises so as to keep ourselves going.

water and exercises

Rainbow has more colors than Green

I on my personal level see people talk about eating green leafy vegetable in a view that it enough for our daily food. But the point is there are more varieties of fruits and vegetables to choose from than just the green ones. I do agree that green is relatively more prominent in providing ones need than any other, but others have also merits which green vegetables don't and its quite obviously required to have them too. To name a few corn, carrot, sweet potatoes, berries, oranges, apples which are quite rich in vitamins, fibers and antioxidants.

rainbow food

How you eat

This would sound absurd to few but how we eat and what we feel about the food is also important. Here I would make a few suggestions to give you a fair idea as to where we are going wrong or what we need to correct. Firstly try to have your meals with others and not in front of television or on a conversation over phone we get over eaten up. Eating out with others have numerous social and emotional benefits. Next is chewing the food properly - every lump of food you take has to be chewed up to 30 times before swallowing it to make the task of gastric juices easier and helps in proper digestion of the food. Other thing I would like to focus is whether one is hungry or thirsty. We are often confused about this whole thing and end over eating when we should have avoided it. In this kind of fix situation one should go for a glass of water and see if you were really hungry or just thirsty.

One more thing is one should stop eating before we feel we are fulfilled, the simple logic behind this is our brains takes time to calibrate the amount of food necessary to fulfill or hunger.

 Our food habits should be such that we stay energized for the whole day. If we are not able to take multiple meals throughout the day them i can give you a very simple and specific formula to this issue. Eat your breakfast as a king (as much as possible), eat your lunch as a queen (as specific as possible) and your dinner as a slave (as little as possible to stay alive). This formula has helped me for quite some time and I am sure it would help you too.

 Think about this ,this world has so much to offer but we belittle ourselves with our self-messed up world, and I would remind you this is just one time we live there is no second time coming ,so live it to its fullest and eliminate as much as possible which don't require your control. Stay simple.