Your best friend is moving to the other side of the country and you want to give her a good going away gift right? But what do you get?

If someone you hold dear is moving hundreds or thousands of miles away, then they can't be bringing big gifts. They will have had a hard enough time paring their own stuff down into a reasonable size for travel.

Or if they have been transferred they may be limited on what they can take, or maybe they will be flying. So, what are some good ideas?

Here is a list of ten ideas, that might help you decide what would be right for your best friend, loved one or neighbor.


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1. Photograph T-shirt to Remember You!

With everyone's picture on it. Something they might wear and will remember the group by.  Or maybe everyone could sign in permanent ink, this would make a gift to remember. 

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2. Digital frame Filled With Pictures


The small 8 inch ones will fit in any suitcase, and you can load up a memory stick with loads of digital pictures of them and you or the whole gang of friends or family.

You can then send them updated new memory sticks as you get them so they can keep up with the happenings in your area.

This is especially good for family, so they can keep in touch and see relatives growing up and in their every day activities.

With the amount of pictures you can store on a memory stick, you can take all kinds of pictures, not just posing ones, all the funny things and everyday things that are going on in life. This way they can have this on their counter and watch and feel like they are still a part of the group.

3. Gift Card

Get one for a store in their new area, so they can buy house plants, or things they will need for their new place or just coffee.

You could also get a gift card for a garden center, so they can get a house plant to remember you by, once they are in their new home, or even a name brand coffee shop to treat themselves and get to know the area.

Starbucks is a Good Idea

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4.  DVD from All of You - Create One Yourself

Make a DVD from all of you and she can watch it when she gets there. Just like they do at wedding receptions, you can have a going away party and have all the friends and family say a little piece on the DVD. Good going away gifts, should have thought and tug at the heart strings a little. After all they mean a lot to you right?

5.  Send a gift basket to their new home

It can be there waiting for them or shortly after. It is nice to have it a few days after moving in. It will remind them of you and make them feel good.  You could make it a food theme, or spa theme or anything that you think they would enjoy.  It makes a nice change from flowers.

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6. Destination Gift Card - Research Their New Area or Get an Online One Such as AMAZON.  They will Always Need Things for their New Place

If you are looking for good going away gifts for kids off to university or college, especially in another state or country, then you can do some research on their destination, and get them a gift card for the local electronics store in the area.

 Since your student to be is probably going to need some technology upgrades, and you don't know just what they need yet. So find out what the big electronic store is in the area, and get a gift card for them to shop.


Amazon Gift Card

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7.  A Promise of a Visit Written in a New Day Timer

All friends and family will promise to visit when you are leaving, and many times it just doesn't happen.

But if you sit down now, before they leave and come up with a date, possibly a few months down the road, then you will have to stick to that date and book a flight or train or bus, or drive there.

Written into the Day Timer makes it real!

Day Timer with Date of Visit Recorded

By making the date, you will try hard to do this. It is carved in stone once in your day timer or on your calendar. If there are a few of you going to visit, then this is a good time to arrange everything before your friend or relative goes, this makes a good going away gift. They feel good knowing they will see you again soon.

8.  Printed Calendar

If you have a bit of notice of the impending move of your friend, then a good going away gift, can be a calendar. Before you say "boring". Get out your camera and take lots of pictures of your friend or relative with you guys, and around town and doing a few fun things. Then you can either go to your local print shop, or online and have a calendar made with 12 of your best pictures. So every time they turn the page they will be reminded of you!


Get a Calendar Printed and Personalized

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9. Do research - An awesome idea can be research of the area they are moving to and Fill a file with helpful information.

Sometimes if the move comes up quickly and between selling the house and packing and organizing the trip, they may not have really found out much about the area they will be moving to. You can do some research and find the libraries, malls, town hall, grocery stores you know they like etc.. then print maps and pictures and put this all in a folder for them to look at while traveling on the plane, or train or for when they get there.

This can be very helpful information for them. If they have kids, you can research hockey clubs, sports arenas and more. If you find contact names you can print them as well. Almost like a welcome wagon visit, but before they get there. You can give them this just before they go. This will come in very handy when they get there. Someone did this for me once, and I was really grateful for the information.

With the internet reaching even the smallest of towns, you can find out a lot if you just take the time one day and surf. You know your friend or relatives likes and dislikes and what they enjoy doing. So research can be the gift.


Paid up Phone Card

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10.  Prepaid Phone Card

This way they can phone you for free. Or help them get signed up for Skype on the computer. This way you can stay in touch for sure. Keep your email address current and drop a line as often as you can, especially when they first move there. But by buying them a long distance phone card, they can talk to you when they first get there and don't have accounts set up yet.

There are lots of good going away gifts, that you can come up with, hopefully the above ten ideas will help inspire you to give your friend or relative something special. People move around now for jobs and school, but at least with the internet we are not really that far apart anymore.