Good Homework Excuses

Looking for Good Homework Excuses?

As teachers and students return to school, it is time for the imagination of each group to take off. Teachers often assign daily homework to students. The students, not wanting to do homework, can start thinking about good homework excuses to help them get relief. Sometimes we wonder if the time and energy students spend to think up these excuses could be better used applied to the homework itself. The following is a collection of some of the funniest, most intelligent, good homework excuses you will see this year.

Good Homework Excuses When They Pretend To Have Done The Homework

1. My dad's Komodo dragon ate my homework.

2. My brother has chicken pox, so the health department destroyed it.

3. My mom is on a peculiar diet again, and she could only eat my homework.

4. I turned it in to, and they say it is now their property.

5. The nuclear explosion melted it last night when mom made dinner.

6. We went to the hospital, and another girl there took it, so she could give it to her teacher.

7. We were at the airport, and it got sucked into an airplane that was taking off.

8. I left it in a library book that my mom returned to the library.

9. I was seriously injured in an accident last night, and blood was all over the homework.

10. I was on the way to school, and someone stole it right out of my hand. The police did not find them yet, but are still looking.

11. My dad loved my homework so much, that he graded it. He gave me an A+, but it is now a part of my dad's confidential records.

12. It accidentally went in the shredder as my dad was destroying some tax documents last night.

13. My grandma is in the hospital, so we wanted her to have something to read. I love my grandma.

14. My dad left for Japan today. I did not want him to miss me, so I gave it to him so that he would have something to remind him of me.

Good Homework Excuses When They Admit to Not Doing the Homework

1. My uncle said I am too sick to do homework.

2. When I write with a pen or pencil, my hand makes it disappear. It's insane!

3. I did not want my teacher to have too much work to do. She is adorable.

4. I was not in the mood to do homework last night.

5. I had to make a dress for my mom to wear to her new job, and I do not know how to sew.

6. I have arthritis, and my hands really hurt.

7. My dad crashed the car, and we could not do any work last night because my backpack was in the car.

8. The baby was crying all night, and I had to take care of her because no one was home.

9. I have some good homework excuses, but I left them at home.

Good Homework Excuses: A Sure Sign of Creativity

    It is evident kids can be exceptionally creative when it comes to making good homework excuses. Unfortunately, teachers cannot know which ones are true, and which ones are not when they are the truly good homework excuses. Maybe it's best to not worry about creating good homework excuses when you can simply do good homework instead!