Perhaps you have already been in a situation wherein you have searched every aisle in numerous malls for a truly special gift. There are times when it is hard to look for a perfect gift for mothers, particularly if they are not collecting anything or do not have that much interest in a couple of things. If this is the case, then your options would only be partial that you might have given her the same kind of gift twice without even realizing it.

Your gift does not have to be really expensive. Your mom will definitely appreciate even the simplest gift – as long as it comes from you. Here are some wonderful last minute gift suggestions for our loving mothers.

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Spa Baskets

Your mom definitely deserves a much needed serenity from all the hardships and struggles she had been through as part of being a mother. You can give her a spa gift basket that she can use from time to time, particularly when she needs a relaxing break. Spa baskets normally include a body scrub, bubble bath, moisturizing shower gel, aromatic massage oil, body lotion, scented candle, fragrance sticks, and other things that can surely bring her to a more peaceful world.


Women love jewelry, and that is a fact. Find out what your mom likes wearing. Does she prefer a pair of earrings? Is she into necklaces? Giving her a jewelry set would be a better idea if she is fond of matching the jewelries plus you can get a price cut for those. If what you are going to buy is just a single piece, then search for the one that is distinctive. The great thing about jewelry is that you can have it customized. You have the option to engrave your mom’s name or a short, special message for her to show how special she really is.

Book Pillow

A book pillow supports a book in a great angle to make your mom’s reading time more comfortable. You will find so many conventional book rests and bookstands that are ideal on tables, but they won’t provide relaxation in another place, thus making book pillows perfect for moms who like to read often. She can use it while in her bed, on the floor, chair, desk, and practically in all places.

Handmade Gifts

There are a lot of ways that you can do in order to give your very special mom a gift that you made yourself.  If she likes music, then you can compile all her favorite songs in a CD and then attach a cover you have created on your own.

Fitness Tools or Equipment

Wouldn't you want your mom to be in good physical shape at all times and at the same time maintain a much healthier lifestyle? Give a few fitness tools or equipment for the woman who never fails to give you lots of love and care. A treadmill is good, but there are cheaper ones out there that work effectively as well. Things like resistance bands, workout mat, exercise ball, and adjustable dumbbells can make her fit and provide variety to make her workout routine more fun and interesting.

Funky Scarf

Funky and cool scarves are perfect for working moms or “moms on the go”. Just because she was born a couple of years earlier do not mean she cannot be chic and stay abreast of the hottest fashion trends. The great thing about scarves is that your mom can wear it even with a pair of jeans. She can also use it as a shawl when she’s wearing a top or shirt.

Personal Development Books

Personal development or self-help books can be very beneficial to your mom. While she can get good advices from blogs on the Internet, self-improvement books are more specific. Online blogs usually cover particular subject matters in tactful portions, but books cover the entire issues. Take your mom to another level, and make her learn more about certain things by giving her something that can help her life change for the better.

You will find so many things that can be perfect for your mom. There are gifts to acknowledge a new mother’s suffering, gifts to congratulate a first-time mom, and there are also gifts to simply thank someone who has nurtured us with so much love and good values, making us the person that we are today.

Showing your mom that she is truly special is perhaps the most excellent gift you can give her. Simple things such as helping her with household chores, preparing her breakfast even before she wakes up, or cleaning her entire house will certainly mean a lot to her. You do not need hundreds of dollars to make your mom happy; all she needs is your love and the assurance that you will always be there for her during those times when she needs comfort the most.

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