Why, oh why, Hollywood must you be so stupid? You have a simple calculation don't you? If movie makes x amount of dollars, repeat, exploit and sequel it all to shit. And if you can't get a movie deal out of it, make a TV show out of it. And make the TV show nothing like the movie, and put canned laughter in it so people know exactly when to laugh, because only idiots would watch this tripe.

I present you with a list of TV shows that vaguely resemble the movies they share the same name with. I urge you to watch the video clips only out of morbid curiosity, and do not expect to improve your life in any way by watching these.

Uncle Buck

uncle suck

Year: 1990
Seasons: 1 

More like Uncle Suck. I can't believe they even bothered with this one. Didn't anyone in the Uncle Buck TV Show boardroom meeting go "Think anyone's gonna mind that it's not John Candy?"

Uncle Buck in action

Uncle Buck Theme song (cleverly spliced with scenes from the original movie)

Ferris Bueller

ferris fooler

Year: 1990
Seasons: 1 

I remember seeing this show and thinking it was too much like Parker Lewis Can't Lose . Then this show got canned because Ferris Bueller wannabe's can, and do lose. It did have a young Jennifer Aniston probably wearing 8 pieces of flair.

Watch the Intro Video (that reminds me a lot of the Clarissa Explains it All intro)

My Big Fat Greek Life


Seasons: 1

My Big Fat Greek Life takes place, you guessed it, after the big fat wedding. Who didn't see this cancellation coming? You can't take a movie about wedding and change the last word to life and turn it into a series. Maybe they should turn The Wedding Crashers into a TV Series, except call it The Life Crashers, and have it starring Kevin Meaney and the guy who played Ferris Bueller in the TV series. They aren't doing much these days are they?

Get ready to cringe:

Get Ready to Cringe

Harry and the Hendersons


Year: 1991
Seasons: 3

This is the first of the series I've listed to actually last more than 1 season. This show is basically Alf on steroids, minus all the things you enjoyed about Alf. **Added bonus, Scott Baio is credited as a Director.

Here's the intro theme (in German, they love their Hasselhoffs and Bigfeets)

That's the worst of 'em. Can you think of some more horrible Movie to TV adaptations? The Crow: Stairway to Heaven comes to mind..