If your life seems a bit normal, ordinary and/or boring, you might turn to books to spice up your life. Which book, or series of books, would be best to make your life exciting? Perhaps the type of books that include vampires, faeries, werewolves and a number of other supernatural beings would spark your interest. If you'd like to read this type of genre but Harry Potter is a little too young for you, read about the following series and start there.

The Harry Dresden series- this series of books is written by Jim Butcher. It's about the only wizard in Chicago and works as a private investigator. He battles against vampires, faeries, werewolves and demons. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, his name in entirety, steps into the fray of the magical world gone wrong and attempts to help out the clueless and helpless. Every novel is fast-paced, has interesting villains and always shows that not everything is at it seems. Here is the list of books in order:

· Storm Front

· Fool Moon

· Grave Peril

· Summer Knight

· Death Masks

· Blood Rites

· Dead Beat

· Proven Guilty

· White Knight

· Small Favor

· Turn Coat

· Changes

The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series is a series of books written by Laurel K. Hamilton. It is about a female necromancer and her relationships with vampires and were animals. In addition to being a necromancer, she is a federal marshal and a vampire hunter. The last job is extremely interesting considering at least 3 of her lovers are vampires. Here are the books in order.

· Guilty Pleasures

· The Laughing Corpse

· Circus of the Damned

· The Lunatic Café

· Bloody Bones

· The Killing Dance

· Burnt Offerings

· Blue Moon

· Obsidian Butterfly

· Narcissus In Chains

· Cerulean Sins

· Incubus Dreams

· Micah

· Danse Macabre

· The Harlequin

· Blood Noir

· Skin Trade

· Flirt

· Bullet

The John Taylor Series (Novels from the Nightside) - written by Simon R. Greene. A series of fantasy novels centering on the protagonist, John Taylor, and based in the existing location of the "Nightside", a hidden area within London in which magic and advanced technology exist. This series also ties into the Hawk and Fisher series (i.e. mentioning the Street of the Gods, a prominent setting in the second and third novellas, Winner Take All and God Killer). Razor Eddie, Punk God of the Straight Razor is rumored to have gone to the Street of the Gods to make a deal with some unknown deity for all the evil he had done, and came back changed. Here are the books in order

  • Something from the Nightside

  • Agents of Light and Darkness

  • Nightingale's Lament

  • Hex and the City

  • Paths not Taken

  • Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth

  • Hell to Pay

  • The Unnatural Inquirer

  • Just Another Judgement Day

· The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny

· A Hard Day's Knight

There are other authors that are great in the paranormal fantasy field. Some of them are Kelly Armstrong, Rachel Caine, Charlene Harris, and Vicki Pettersson. So pick a book, curl up and don't forget to keep a light on.