Mother and child(55109)Credit: shx.comBeing a parent is quite a task, being a good one requires harder work. You, being a good parent is what molds your child to be a good person as he grows up, that is why this is a big responsibility.

It is better to mold your children when they are still young. This would be the best time to instill those good values in them. Here are some tips on how you can be a good parent.

  • Watch and observe your child. You’ll learn a lot just by observing them. This will open your awareness on their abilities as well as their attitude.
  • Always stay positive and be able to act accordingly during minor negative situations. Children often imitate what their parents do, being positive is be a good example for your child.
  • Acknowledge and accept your child’s emotions and desires. It would be alright to comfort her during a sad day, or ask what made her happy. This would make your child feel your presence anytime.
  • A child should understand about the expectations of a parent. Be vocal and clear about it. They may not follow immediately but they need to understand what you expect from them. Simple expectations like: “Stay inside the house because it’s raining” or “Put on your sweater, its cold outside.”
  • Even though you have acknowledged your child’s emotions, you should still set limits for her. If she’s mad, it’s alright to tell her that you know how mad she but being mad doesn’t allow her to throw tantrums or hit her playmates.
  • Allow your child to do things on her own. Let her put her own socks, eat on her own or clean up her toys. Sometimes, we become too anxious to help our child and solve everything for her. It would be better to wait and see what she can do. Doing this can help your child to become more independent and all she will need is your guidance.
  • Don’t rush things for your child. Slow down a bit. Children have a different time frame from adults.
  • Be a genuine person to your child. It is fine to have those sad or angry moments, express it in a proper manner. This will prepare your child in the realities of life.
  • Have some time for yourself and your other half. This would be a breather for all the things you are doing. Take care of your needs. This can help you in becoming a better parent.

The most important thing about being a parent is showing and letting your children feel your love and guidance for them. With this and the tips above, you’ll be able to raise a good person.