With the unveiling of both the next generation Xbox One and Play Station 4 there is a lot of news going around. Of course, the positives about the consoles are answered with detailed diatribes, but all those negatives that are rumored are dodged, shifted and answered with vague and noncommittal answers. Both Microsoft and Sony are guilty of doing this. One of the biggest issues is the issue of used games. Will they be allowed? Will people have to pay a fee to play used games? This is an issue that could potentially ruin a lot of companies. However more people will suffer from this than I think Microsoft and Sony even realizes.

armed forces playing video games

The Troops Stationed Abroad

It does not matter what sort of event took them abroad, no one can deny the bravery of those that are willing to potentially get themselves shot and killed for little pay. The fine folks serving in the Armed Forces often find themselves in less than desirable situations far from their families and sometimes anything entertaining.

Organizations like Operation Supply Drop and others generously accept video game donations from both gaming companies and average schmoes like you or me. They fly them overseas and give deployed soldiers something to do besides staring at the ceiling.

Placing a fee on used games is such a nice way to thank the fighting men and women who play them. Who wants donated games from us average folk anyway!? Why not get a nice shiny new donated game from the company that made it. Then have it tied to one console so that one and only console can play it. Unless of course you have some internet and want to use your meager pay to pay to play it on another console. I'm sure soldiers will be oh-so-eager to do that.

mcvans video games

The Little Guy Companies

Ah, McVan's Games and Disc Replay. I could spend my life (and my fortune) at those stores. I have always been a big sucker for selling my games and buying new ones at those store. However, it looks the end may be near for them. Of course, they still have older games to rely on, but that can only last so long in this world of Amazon and eBay.

Companies like Gamestop have been rumored to be in talks with ways to get past the fee for used games by charging more (so Microsoft and the gaming industry still gets money) and tracking it with some elaborate scanning system. They may be able to wriggle their way into the heart of Microsoft like a heartworm, but stores like Disc Replay are the bane of the gaming industries existence. They make money by selling things bought from gamers, with the gaming industry not getting a dime.

Those rapscallions!

Best this little fellows a hug and a kiss goodbye. With just relying on classic games, I give them five years. No one wants to buy a used game at the store, then go home and pay again to play it.

get well gamers


Previously, I discussed how used games would affect organizations that donate to soldiers. they technically fall under this category, but there are other nonprofits that donate video games to kids and the sick. And especially to the sick kids!

While some gaming companies like to look real nice by donating copies of their games to soldiers, there are some nonprofits that rely primarily on the games donated by gamers. Organizations like Get Well Gamers take generous donations from people and give them to sick kids to pass the hospital time or to help manage pain. There are also other companies that take game donations, resell them, and use the funds for medical research.

First the soldiers, then the sick kids? Way to pick on the things people care about most, gaming industry. Sometimes I wonder if you even think about the consequences of your actions.

poor gamers

Poor Gamers

Okay, poor gamers are not exactly as sympathy-inducing as sick kids and soldiers, but they still merit a spot. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, chances are you have been short of funds at one point. Maybe money in your family was tight, or things became tight when you set out as an adult. Companies like Gamestop gave you and option to sell your games for food money or trade them in for a discount on a new game.

This fee for used games essentially kills the ability to do both of those things. No one will want to buy used games from a store and buy them again when they go to play it. No game store is going to want to buy your games anymore either. So that quick way of getting money when you need to eat is…just gone forever. That quick way to be able to trade a game in so you could afford to play a new release, dead. It is a sad time for the thrifty.

gamefly and redbox

Rental Companies

You know what is a great way to try a game before you buy it? Redbox.

You know what was an affordable way to play new games? Gamefly.

You know two companies that won't be able to lend you next gen games? Redbox and Gamefly. Both of those are rental companies that are a great convenience to everyone. However, neither can afford to just keep sending out new games every time someone rents them. It is just fiscally impossible. Plus as the Xbox One demands the game be installed to your console, people would just get a game for like $2 dollars anyway.

That would be pretty nice for gamers, but those companies would tank so fast. I guess Gamefly will just have to focus on the back catalog and Redbox will go back to just movies. I don't see Gamefly being able to survive, though. Which is actually really sad, I mean, it was the Netflix of games.Old games are fun for awhile, but it is just so difficult to resist the allure of new games.