The following is a list of places to have a look when you are in the hunt to get hold of good personal statement examples.

But first, realise what you are trying to achieve from the past examples...

By reading (a lot of) good personal statement samples along with their notes and comments on how it could have been made better and what was particularly good about the statement, you are able to gain a greater understanding on the ingredients that are involved in creating an excellent personal statement for yourself.

The Student Room

The student room is an online student forum, where they have set up a personal statement online directory that is categorized into subjects. So you can read good personal statements examples that are aimed at doing your subject, which have actually been submitted to universities in the past.

Note: Be sure not to be done for plagiarism, by copying phrases and such. If you like the concept that they a line is getting at, re-word it and modify it to fit in within your personal statement structure.

The directory can be found by accessing 'the student room', then following the tabs along the top of the homepage, then clicking 'Personal Statements', then look to the section of the'Personal Statement library', they organize it by letter, so if your writing an Economics personal statement, you can find samples and templates of Economics personal statements here.

Also be sure to look around the student room, they often have really good guides and threads on how to improve your personal statement for your specific subject. For example Economics has 'Any Questions on how to do a good Economics Personal Statement?' and Criminology threads have links to"How to do a Good Criminology Personal Statement'.


This is a website that offers general advice on applying to university etc. They do like 'the student room' also have a directory of personal statements, that are specialised to your subject of choice. So it is definitely worth checking them out.

However, you will also find by going on 'Applying to University', and then to 'Personal Statements', there is a section on 'top rated personal statements', so you can see what some of the best look like. You can tell how good they are, by the rating they receive. But be sure to check out some of the unrated ones also.

Search Engines

The Student Room and Studential are some of the more popular online directories for good templates for personal statements, but also be sure to check out other sites like them by searching through online search engines.

You can also make the search specific to your degree also, for example if I were to do a search of 'criminology personal statements examples' it then leads me to come across singular webpages, that contain a few examples, that aren't on the directories.

Then I searched for 'law ucas personal statement examples" through going through a few pages of google, I managed to stumble upon a few pdf documents that contain several law personal statements examples, along with a few tips on how to do a law personal statement.

The only real issue is that you are going to have to go looking.


Today there are books like  'Succeeding in Your Application to University - How to Prepare the Perfect UCAS personal statement' (which has ninety-eight Winning Personal Statement examples) and also '40 Successful Personal Statemnets: For UCAS Application'.

They are excellent resources to check out due to the quality annotations, tips and tricks on doing a personal statement and some cover the entire aspect of applying.

With these books it its worth reading not just around your own personal statement field (like most your competition will be) but also other subject-related personal statements, as you will pick up things that won't be mentioned.

Where as most your competition will have seen the same samples you have. For example if you just read Economics Personal statements, other economics applicants will have done the same thing you have gone n the student room and looked up the economics personal statement examples etc.

You will both gain equal aspects of information, where as if you were to read others also - you will gain an even greater understanding.

So the economics student could gain a bit of an advantage by  reading around Mathematics and Psychology personal statements etc. and look at the comments that go with them, which may come up with a point or trick that is missed with the common samples of Economics on online directories etc.

Note: obviously, don't be too radical if you are doing a Physics Personal statement, you aren't going to gain much from a History of Art personal statement. 

Please be sure to comment below if you have found any useful websites that contain good personal statement examples and advice.