For the home improvement and do-it-yourselfer, Makita combo kits are the perfect solution to all your building, home improvement, and home repair problems. Makita combo kits are a handy case that contains virtually all the cordless power tools you would need for most jobs. The 18v Makita combo comes with the standard drill as well as a powerful Makita impact driver. Both drills feature a four-pole maximum torque DC motor that delivers 450 lbs. The standard drill has a high RPM range of 1,500. The impact drill has a high RPM range of 2,300. The impact drill can also do 3,200 impacts per minute, which is very useful for many fastening tasks.

The impact drill has a special anvil impact mechanism that is manufactured using on the best materials. The impact head will withstand even the most brutal treatment for years and years. The head is created by using a heat hardening process that is unique to Makita. This enables the drill head to have optimal driving power. This Makita combo is truly revolutionary.

The 18v Makita combo drills also both have a compact and ergonomic shape that fits in your hand like a glove. Other drill manufactures have bulky handles that just don't feel right. After 20 minutes of using these inferior drills, you will realize the importance of a comfortable grip. These drills also come with built-in L.E.D. lights that will illuminate your work area. This reduces the risk of an accident due to poor lighting. Cheaper drills do not include this light in order to cut costs. The Makita cordless combo also includes two 18v super compact lithium-ion batteries. These Makita batteries charge very quickly so you will have almost no downtime on the job. Other inferior batteries will give out after only 15 minutes of work. That is a huge cost of time and therefore money.

For users that are used to using a Dewalt, Black & Decker, or Milwaukee drill, you will be pleasantly surprised with the performance of Makita. These other drills are much heavier than the Makita combo drills and the extra weight will make you fatigued in a short amount of time. If you were to put the Makita LXT and the one of these other drills head-to-head in a 4 day challenge, you would find that your hand would be so sore after the 4th day that you would never want to use your non-Makita drill again!

When you compare Makita drills to other drills from other companies in a variety of applications, Makita comes out on top. It is really as simple as that. If you want a quality drill that lasts, then take a look at the Makita combo kit.