Psychological manga breaks from the mold that manga or "comic books" are for children. If children could read psychological manga, it would break them. These are strictly for adults with fully developed brain that can comprehend the hidden intrigues and plots that make this genre of manga such a well woven web. Of course, some of these mangas can have some very graphic imagery, so if that is something that bothers you then you may want to avoid the genre in itself. These stories delve deep into the human brain and it is apparently filled with violence and lust. Seems about right, actually.

I have also provided recommendations for psychological animes as well, most of which have very decent mangas as well. However, for the sake of variety, I have left them off this particular list.

mpd psycho

MPD Psycho

This story follows the tale of a detective named Yousuke Kobayashi who is on the case of a serial killer who enjoys dismembering his victims. One day, Kobayashi receives a package from the killer containing his dismembered, but still alive, girlfriend in a cooler. After this event, he goes completely insane and develops multiple personality disorder (thus the MPD in the title). It primarily focuses on two personalities, Kazuhiko Amamiya—a cool headed master detective—and Shinji Nishizono—a reckless psychopath. Now he must unravel the serial killings, control his personalities, and find out what his connection is to the Gakuso organization.

Multiple Personality Disorder Pyscho is possibly my favorite manga of all time. If you have a weakness to shocking murder scenes, than this is not for you. This manga houses the most inventive murder scenes anyone will ever see. However, it can be confusing to follow at times as the main characters personality changes, but not so much his looks. So it is difficult to tell who is who and when, but such is the case with people who have the disorder.

suicide island


The recent number of suicides have increased drastically. Care for these non-successful suicide patients requires a lot of resources and money. both things that the government are not willing to shell out. They ask the patients whether they still want to live or not. If they say no, the government will respect their wishes, but they do not merely let them die in peace. they send them to suicide island. most commit suicide right away, but others band together and try to survive and escape with limited to no supplies to survive.

As you might expect, everyone in the group has a back story that is filled with heart break and despair. However, they are all very diverse and it is assured that any reader can find something to relate to in any of the characters. however, it's nice to read about realistic people that are not all hopped up on murder or super powers. It is a refreshing change. The author also finds a good plot to make otherwise boringly normal characters interesting and showing their potential on a island of the dead.



Freesia is set in an alternative Japanese society that is at war, and has passed a law legalizing retaliatory killings. If somebody kills your loved one, you are legally sanctioned to kill, or hire someone to kill, the victimizer. The manga is set around a character who works for a firm that specializes in these retaliatory killings. It focuses all the intense emotional feelings that go with taken a life for another or for with potentially no reason.

Freesia is one of those mangas you will either love for its intelligent insight or get bored with quickly. The premise may suggest that it is just some hardcore violence, however there is a lot of philosophical and psychological insight from the main character. This is why people get bored with it, he ponders quite a lot more than expected. A lot of people feel the psychology in it is pretty forced to give a basic story more depth. I am not sure if this is true, as I feel it adds a needed depth to what would other be just boring violence.

the world is mine

The World is Mine

Mon is a violent killer faithful only to his own eruptive desires, and his timid companion Toshi, a demolition-devil with a fanatical thirst for destruction. Their killing-spree across Japan is destined to intersect the path of the enormous "Higumadon", a mysterious beast on a Godzilla-like rampage from Hokkaido to Tokyo.

This manga is essentially the manga version of the movie Natural Born Killers, except it has two guys and is slightly more supernatural. It follows their killing spree. However, their killing spree is abruptly ended when Mon decides he wants a girl, Maria, who hates violence. She thinks she can tame them. It is a great insight into the minds of killers and what it truly takes for them to regain natural human fear in their lives.

eden its an endless world

Eden: It's an Endless World

After a panic caused by a pandemic which has killed 15% of the world population and crippled many more, a secret organization called Propater is formed. They toppled the United Nation and seized control fo most of the world. A orphan boy and girl who are immune to the virus were living peacefull in an abandoned research center when Propater attacked them. After they escape, 20 years pass and the boy has become a powerful drug dealer in South America, where he aids his own son in the fight against Propater.

Eden is a confusing manga for some people. It has many different subplots and often shifts from the main character to delve into subplots on terrorism, human genetics, the plight of developing countries, and the war between drug cartels and Propater. It does, however, take the interesting view as portraying drug dealers as good guys. However, in Eden, no one is really good. This is a great exploration of many pressing topics in the world as well as the psychology behind power.

These are just a few of the best selected from my personal manga library. If you have been fortunate to see all of these or have a specific sort of manga in mind, leave a comment. I can give more suggestions if you want them!