When I was a young boy I would constantly spend time lounging outside on my grandparent’s recliner garden chairs that they had lying around. Even at my ripe old age, these memories still stick in my mind. It is hard to imagine why something so simple would remain with a person throughout their life, but it is hard to deny that there was a sense of comfort and pure enjoyment of life that I derived from lounging around in a garden chair. In some strange way these memories haunt and sustain me through even the most difficult challenges I face at work and in my personal life. For you my reader I have channeled these memories, as well as my experience working in retail with products of this nature, to provide you with an excellent resource that will no doubt benefit you in many positive ways. If you are ready to examine recliner garden chairs in a whole new way, this article is undoubtedly for you.

 The Key to Finding a Great Recliner for Your Garden!

Recliner chairs are some of the coolest pieces of furniture that you can own that effectively blend comfort with a real need for time to be spent outside. While you are searching for information on these devices, it is important to get an overview of what you should expect from any good quality chair. A healthy consumer is one who goes out of his or her way to better understand what is currently available on the market. By reading through this article you are taking a great step to better understand a product that you would have otherwise just bought on a whim. After all, most garden reclining chairs are not too expensive. They are downright very affordable for most people!  With this in mind, let us jump into some highlights that you should look for in virtually all outdoor recliners.

Your initial considerations will likely pertain to the immediately visible aesthetic. You should be asking questions like “What color recliner do I want?” or “Does it have enough points for adjusting the reclining positions?” You may be able to think of many more as well. This is a great starting place for virtually any product you will purchase. It is commonly recommended that consumers purchase a lawn chair that is white, black, brown, or some shade of green. These are colors that traditionally work well with a backyard garden environment because they are Earth tones.  Of course, alternatives are available if you are a bit more daring. The actual size and adjustability will be something you can determine very quickly from reading a product description. Most recliners come in a standardized size for your convenience as well. If you have the opportunity to visit a retail store, be sure to try it out before purchasing.

You may find that it is also important to consider whether or not the product is waterproof. It is my recommendation that you do not purchase a product that will not last if it is left outside, unless you genuinely intend to use the piece of furniture both indoors and outdoors. Most brand names like Strathwood and Caravan Canopy offer up products that are waterproof. Typically, this quality does not cost much more money upfront. Ultimately, it will save you a lot of money in the long run to have seriously considered this aspect of your investment because the garden recliner will not deteriorate and be unusable by next summer.  Additional features most people look for is a high quality material frame (I recommend steel or something similar), a quality fabric, and fold ability for easy storage.

Find the Ideal Recliner Garden Chairs for Your Home

In an attempt to seek out the best bang for your buck, I have found two great reclining garden chairs that will suit your needs very well. Even better, they are both under $100 dollars and perform very well over time as well. The first piece of furniture I recommend is the Strathwood Basics Anti-Gravity Adjustable Recliner Chair. This product comes in several different colors, and is fully adjustable. Moreover, it is very pleasant to look at. It blends an aesthetic of nature with modern and luxurious in a very effective way. The solid materials and frame are sure to impress as well. Most reviewers seem to love this product overall. It should be pointed out that this device is only available through the website Amazon, though this should not be a major inconvenience for most shoppers.

A good alternative you may wish to consider is the Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair. While it does not come in as many colors, and may be slightly thinner than the previously mentioned price, the very low price paired with the high quality product is overall very difficult to ignore. One special feature included with this piece of backyard furniture is the adjustable headrest. If you are looking for the ideal recliner garden chairs your home, the recommended products here should suit your needs for sure.