Good to watch; but don't kid yourself

My wife likes to watch the tv "cook shows." The fantastic dishes they dish out from the good recipes. The assortment of beautiful cookware and utensils they use. The beautifully well-equiped kitchen, and nowadays the breath-taking background lanscape to boot. And all those presenters with great personality, and the well-endowed pretty damsels. All these are very well for our entertainment. Come to really cook like them; I think we are just kidding ourselves.

The classic example is the Peking duck recipe. I can "copy & paste" for you the recipe from the internet anytime. Do you think you can cook up a real Peking duck by just following the recipe? You must be kidding, or maybe you could do it in your dream!

Quite honestly, when I sit down reading my newspapers or on the internet with wifey watching the cooking program, the things that attract me are the utensils, the scenery, and if the presenter is a pretty lady, then I also watch her!

Dirty dishes

Dirty dishes(131837)

Good recipes, dirty dishes

Hey, who's going to wash the dishes?

When I do my own cooking, I make sure I use the minimum number of utensils because I know I have to do the washing-up afterwards. But look at those tv cook-shows; the presenter would use every opportunity to show off her collection of cookware and utensils. I love to look at the knives. At the end of the show, do you care to count the number of utensils they use? Maybe eight pots, three frying pans, assortment of knives, forks, spoons, ladles, plates, big and small, bowls, food processor, blender, and what other gadgets you can think of. At the end of the show, don't forget the dirty oven, the dirty kitchen top, the dirty floor, the dirty stove, and.....huh!

In the end, you must ask, "Hey, who's going to wash the dishes?"

Why not settle for simple and practical recipes?

Sorry to be such a cynical person, but you still can try the Peking duck recipe! If you have not been to Beijing (Peking) to taste the REAL stuff, your Peking duck may turn out to be a success!!
This hub is just for fun. Please don't take it seriously.

For me, a simple recipe is good enough.

Sweet potato porridge

Sweet potato porridge