Buying a good pair of shoes for your diabetic neuropathy may be one of the best things you can do for your long-term health outlook.  As you probably know diabetic foot neuropathy is a very common foot complication which is the result of many years of living with diabetes.  It’s not diabetes per se that causes neuropathy in your feet however it is chronically high blood sugar levels which slowly damage your peripheral nerve endings.  People with diabetic neuropathy tend to have trouble managing blood sugar levels and the neuropathy puts them at risk for developing problematic wounds and injuries of the foot which may be tough to heal without professional intervention.

Velcrow Shoes For Diabetic NeuropathyA good pair of diabetic neuropathy shoes will not on their own do much to improve or reverse neuropathy in the feet but they will give you the best opportunity to stay active and exercise enough to manage blood sugar levels better.  Exercise is after all the best way to manage blood sugar, diabetes, weight, and insulin resistance and if you can stay active on your feet then your quality of life will be enhanced by improving your mobility as well. 

Ideal shoes for diabetic neuropathy will be different for various types of tasks or situations so in an ideal situation you will have a few different pairs of diabetic shoes which are able to protect your feet from further damage and keep the blood circulating better than ordinary shoes might.  At home you should be wearing loose fitting diabetic slippers which can protect your feet from puncture wounds, scrapes, and stubbed toes but be loose enough not to reduce foot circulation and out of the house your shoes should be strong enough to protect the feet but shaped for the insertion of custom shoe inserts which can give you a better fit even for feet which are a bit misshapen.

Diabetic Shoes & Peripheral Neuropathy Of The Feet

Pedors Slip On Diabetic ShoesIf you are looking for good diabetic neuropathy shoes you need to know that the shoes you wear are not going to improve your neuropathy.  For the most part once nerve damage exists it isn’t going to be repaired easily if at all.  As blood sugars remain high for long periods of time the damage sets in so you have to think of your shoes as a way of limiting the damage that diabetic neuropathy allows for rather than shoes to reverse diabetic neuropathy.

The best pair of diabetic neuropathy shoes are arguable a pair of diabetic walking shoes as they are usually light weight, designed for comfort, and designed to allow an easier time exercising.  Peripheral neuropathy of the feet due to diabetic complications cannot be reversed but further damage can be halted by better management of blood sugar levels.  You have to strive to stay in a normal range for blood sugar.  Of course this means watching what your eat and checking blood sugar levels throughout your day but it also means increasing the amount of physical activity in your daily life.  If you can get more active then you will be more likely to control your sugar levels more efficiently.

Drew Diabetic Walking ShoesWalking shoes or running shoes make it easier to stay active assuming they fit your feet.  If you decide to buy some walking shoes to help manage your diabetic foot problems then make sure to pair your shoe purchase with the purchase of a custom shoe insole which is fitted to your exact foot specifications.  Yes, this will cost more money up front but the fit will be better and your foot will experience less irritation while you are wearing your shoes and exercising.

Neuropathy of the feet also puts you at risk for developing wounds and injuries on the feet that most people avoid.  Whenever a normal foot is experiencing some form of irritation the person is apt to adjust their foot or sit down but because neuropathy makes it less likely for someone to feel irritation these wounds develop in a more significant way.  To overcome this you need to make sure you buy a shoes that is easy to remove and put on as the best way to check for foot wounds is to stop to inspect your feet throughout the day and especially during periods of physical activity and exercise.

Where To Buy Shoes For Diabetic Foot Neuropathy

Wide Width Walking ShoesShoes made specifically for the complications of diabetic neuropathy can usually be purchased at any diabetic supply store both online and off.  Many of the standard diabetic supply stores like American Diabetes Wholesale have a good selection of shoes for sale however many companies such as Propet, Drew, Orthoshoe, and P.W. Minor make shoes for medical needs including diabetes which are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing.  This of course means they cost a bit more too.

It may be hard to find these brands in typical shoes stores but they can usually be found online on big retail sites like Amazon.  In fact many of these shoes can even be purchased for less than retail so it makes shopping online a good bargain.  If you want to buy a pair of diabetic shoes covered by Medicare however you may have to jump through some hoops and bureaucracy but it may be worth it as Medicare can sometimes cover the entire cost of your diabetic shoes.  Make sure to do your research and if necessary buy your shoes through an independent retailer of medical supplies to get the full benefit of insurance.  Buying from online retailers like Amazon may be difficult to get this Medicare benefit and the shoes may not be covered.

Good shoes for diabetic neuropathy do not always have to be covered and sold from a diabetic supply store to be worth buying however.  If you are looking for more fashionable shoes which can also help you manage your neuropathy then look for the features that good diabetic shoes need like wide width or deep depth.  Shoes inserts must be removable to be good shoes for diabetics so make sure they have that as well.  Around the home it’s important to buy shoes with a good sole.  It may be tempting to buy slippers or slipper socks but a good pair of diabetic house shoes can protect your feet much better.