The music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry where all you need to succeed is some creativity in your writing. Have you ever wondered how most hit songs are written? How just a single song can go on to become a smash hit generating millions of dollars in downloads?

Generally, I am think that all good songs have an element of truth in them. All good songs are more or less  written from past experiences. It would be very difficult to write a song without relating it to any experience. Most good song writers usually write about their experience. They try to put their life experience into words and come up with something beautiful. This experiences could either be good or bad.

So basically, the first step towards writing a good song is that you should make sure you write from experience. Pick an experience that happened to you and try to put it down in words. It could be period where you were very happy, your first kiss or relationship, a vacation where you had so much fun, anything. The most important thing is to pick an experience and write about it. It could even be a bad or negative experience. By the time your song reaches Number 1 status and the money starts coming in, it would definitely no longer be a negative experience.

Imagine writing a song based on your childhood experience when you had your first kiss? Imagine taking all the feelings you experienced then and try to capture it in words, writing a love song. Or what about the first time you fell in love? That is a good experience for a love song. Remember when you had your first heartbreak? How bitter and angry you felt? You can channel all that and come up with a great song. With the way sad songs are really making waves in the music industry, what about when you lost a loved when? Use these experiences effectively and write great songs.

You can start by brain storming ideas. Get a sheet of paper and just start writing all the experiences you have felt. Just keep writing as they come. Make a list of these experience. All you need is a quiet place where you can concentrate and recall all these thoughts. Dig deep and try to take your self back in time. Put all these down and I bet you, you would see your songs achieving number 1 status.