While it may be somewhat odd of a topic to speak on, space saving toilets can add a whole new dimension to your personal home bathroom life.  There is an inherent mixture of obvious and not so obvious reasons why toilets of this nature are so attractive to many people who are looking to renovate their bathroom environments. At first glance, owning a toilet of this nature will undoubtedly help you save some space. More importantly, you can make better use of the area in your bathroom and potentially expand your shower or storage space areas. Your personal reasons for wanting to conserve space in your home in this way will no doubt be very important as you consider how to make use of the new space. Throughout this article I will be exploring what makes a great space saving toilet, and recommend a few great ones I have come across in my time working in retail.


Why Should I Buy Space Saving Toilets for My Home?

We have already discussed in this article an overview of why you would want a space saving toilet. The simple ability to save some extra space in your bathroom is exceptionally beneficial to many people. I could only imagine what I would do with some extra space in my own apartment. As extravagant as it sounds, adding something like a little bookshelf would bring this area to life in many unique ways. Not to mention, provide some excellent reading material while I spend my time on the john. Perhaps your interests are not so similar as mine, but we both cannot deny how useful having a little bit of extra room will be in the bathroom.

Still, there are some things about space saving toilets that you may have never considered. Having a good warranty is one of the things I look for before making a purchase of this nature. With a toilet, what would happen if your device decides to “poop out” on you? Yes, that is a terrible bit of potty humor, but it expresses some of the true fears I would have about buying a lavatory without some sort of protection. A toilet like the American Standard 2431.010.020 Compact Cadet-3 Elongated Toilet includes a 5-year warranty that provides an exceptional amount of peace of mind to any buyer. Remember, you should always have a trained professional (like a plumber) install your new toilet for the best results.

Finally, making sure water flow is at a top-notch level is very important. Since you will be saving some space with your new toilet, there will be less room available for actual water storage and flow. The actual flushing system is very important as well. Save yourself any potential embarrassment and invest in a product that is guaranteed to be a one flush system. You do not need a commercial grade toilet to manage a good amount of human waste in one flush as well. If the opportunity presents itself, be sure to attempt to see a live presentation of any toilets you are interested in purchasing as well.

Find the Right Space Saving Toilet for Your Bathroom!

We have spent enough time covering the basics of what you should expect from a toilet that will allow you to save some extra space in your home. It is undeniably more beneficial to discuss some specific products, with specific features, that will undeniably cater to your interests. After all, we can spend a good amount of time discussing the theoretical groundwork behind toilets, but all that time is wasted if we don’t look into a proper home appliance.

Immediately my attention returns to the American Standard 2431.010.020 Compact Cadet-3 Elongated Toilet. I already quickly glimpsed at this product earlier in this article, but I am returning to it for a more in depth look considering the quality and value it provides to you as a consumer. First of all, the Cadet 3 flushing system is top rate. Some would even say first of its kind. It is environmentally friendly and uses less water than most toilets, while simultaneously providing the perfect, reliable flush every time. The actual appearance is highly conservative in nature, but works very well with virtually any bathroom space. You will have no trouble implementing this appliance into your personal space. Based on the user reviews around the net, you will have no trouble using this device in your own home.

An alternative to consider is the American Standard Diplomat Space Saver ELO TTG. This product is by the same company, and has similar features overall. However, it is somewhat smaller and will save even more space than the former product. Ultimately, this is a very comfortable appliance that will suit your bathroom needs very well. It comes with many positive reviews and is well worth noting as an alternative to the Cadet 3 toilet. If you are on the market for space saving toilets, one of these products will no doubt suit your needs.