Of the most essential skill in real estate, finding and making good deals is more important because it is the basis of everything else. Learning how to find and seal good deals is very crucial to a person's success in investing. There are methodologies employed by successful investors, and which have stood the test of time, in generating the largest and most successful deals. Traditional sources are no longer viable in the contemporary society when it comes to getting the best deals, while what may be considered obvious methods end up differentiating between success and tragic stories.

The Multiple Listing Service method is a catalog featuring all on sale properties, listed by brokers. Some of these portend good investment deals while some are flat outs. The trick here is to be able to choose which properties are offered by motivated sellers while ensuring that you make no offer at all on any of them. This skill should be improved by learning to translate agent lingo and know what is said and what is not being said out rightly.

This method works primarily because all the real estate properties listed in the MLS are available for sale and can be bargained for at will without making commitment. This may sound like it is a minor issue but most of the other deal finding methods popular today involve having to locate owners to begin with, and then finding out whether they want to sell at all. MSL listed properties have the added advantage of saving on important time for the investor by having all the information about them out rightly laid out for the buyer. With the modern sophisticated wizardly of computerized access, an investor can get the agent to transact within a few keystrokes.

The other good strategy crucial to finding property is in critically scrutinizing the yellow pages for adverts featuring worthwhile properties. Keeping an ad at the yellow pages perpetually enables an investor to be accessible to the whole real estate market at all times. This ad may only generate an average of ten calls each month, most non-performing but some are but for some reason the quality of the calls is better than those that are generated by any other method some have used. The sellers who eventually call tend to be very motivated, anxious to make a sale, cooperative during negotiations and inconsiderate to market rates due to the urgency and the frustration resultant from the hustle of selling an unlisted property.

The other very productive strategy that can be adopted when hunting for good real estate deals is using flyers. Flyers that targeted the neighborhood of a property investor are not only cheap but have a higher circulation potential than either classified ads or other available property media. Thousands of double-sided "I buy houses and or other real estate properties" flyers can be printed cheaply. Then the investor can hire a few casual hands to distribute the flyers door to door in the entire neighborhood. The potential feedback after such a strategy is incredibly high. The investor has therefore the opportunity to hand pick the deals he or she feels to be the best.