When it comes to the specific companies that produce subwoofers for your car, there are a ton of good subwoofer brands to choose from. However, choosing from the wide variety of brands is not the easiest thing to do. This article is geared towards opening your eyes to the best brands to buy your subwoofers from. The companies that are listed throughout this article produce reliable speakers. These subwoofers have a high amount of RMS and maximum wattage, and will not blow when you push them to the limit.

There are a few factors that come into play when determining the companies that can be considered as good subwoofer brands. The subs that they manufacture must be able to produce a lot of bass, and must be reliable (not blowing a voice coil when you hook them up to a powerful amplifier). In addition to the actual bass that the speakers emit, the subwoofers must look great; people are probably going to ask to see them once they hear the bass coming from your trunk.

MTX Audio-The Most Powerful Car Subwoofers And Amplifiers

MTX has been a big brand name in the audio industry for quite a few years; their subwoofers produce a lot of high quality bass, and their amplifiers produce consistent power to the speakers. I have said that MTX offers the most powerful car subwoofers and amplifiers because they give the buyer the best bang for their buck in terms of power to price ratio!

Take the 12 inch subwoofer from the Terminator series that MTX offers. It offers a single voice coil 4 ohm speaker for less than $60!

I would deem MTX to be one of the good subwoofer brands because they offer speakers that produce a lot of bass for an affordable price. Many speaker companies try to overcharge for their products; however, MTX basically charges the buyer what the subwoofer is worth!

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure
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(price as of Jul 2, 2013)

Kicker-Considered One Of The Good Subwoofer Brands For Over 10 Years

Kicker is famous for their powerful square subwoofers, but their circle models are just as powerful! Asking any car audio installer about what they think the best subwoofer brands are and they will definitely list Kicker in their top 5!

Kicker has literally produced a multitude of speakers that will suit nearly any budget, and any amount of bass that the driver is looking for. Some of their single voice coil subwoofers cost about $70 and will satisfy anybody that is looking for a little bit of extra bass; some of their dual voice coil subs will cost the buyer about $300, but will emit an insane amount of bass!

I would highly recommend buying any of Kicker's Comp subs because they are known to be durable speakers, and withstand the driver turning the bass up!

Kenwood-Not Flashy, But Produce A TON Of Bass

Let’s face it, everybody that has subwoofers in their trunk will want to show them off to their friends and family. Showing the subwoofers off involves blasting the bass in the car, as well as physically showing the speakers to the person.

Kenwood produces subwoofers that don’t look flashy at all; most of them are grey with the word “Kenwood” in the center.

However, Kenwood’s products are known to produce a TON of bass. Not only is this bass loud and powerful, but it is also high-quality bass that audio enthusiasts look for! When it comes to discovering the good subwoofer brands to buy from, you should be looking for one that will produce products that are high quality and reliable! Kenwood suits this profile perfectly; paring one of Kenwood’s subwoofers with a ported box will definitely wake your neighbours!

Infinity-High Performance Subwoofers That Won`t Blow

Although Infinity’s speakers and amplifiers are a little bit more expensive than the competitors’, the bass and quality that their subwoofers produce will literally blow your mind. Have you ever heard a car stereo system that made your nose hairs itchy? If so, chances are that it was probably and Infinity subwoofer paired with an Infinity amplifier!

Certain lower-end subwoofer brands such as Sony XPlod focus on producing bass that you can feel; their speakers will rattle your trunk lid from the bass that they produce. However, the good subwoofer brands such as Infinity and Kenwood focus on producing bass that you can hear; virtually nothing will rattle in your car from the bass, but you will definitely hear the bass lines in the songs!

When it comes to choosing a speaker from one of the good subwoofer brands, there are literally thousands of models to choose from. Many factors must be considered: the size of the speaker, number of voice coils, maximum wattage, number of RMS watts, and much more. With all of these things in mind, you should be able to buy a subwoofer that will last you more than 10 years!