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As of late there has been an increasing number of people, and companies, who are going from wired to wireless headsets because of their VOIP needs. There are numerous potential benefits to this approach:

No wires - the most apparent is that there's no cord going from your headset. This is valuable mainly because it means that you don’t have an annoying cord linking your head to your computer, additionally since they ordinarily have a range of about 50m, now you may get up out of your workspace with no need to keep taking your headset on and off.
Productivity - as you aren't tied down to your computer, you can do other activities (including the washing) whilst you're chatting on the phone. You could potentially even use voice identification software to create and respond to e-mail (its software that will recognize what you are currently saying and type some text out when you chat).
Technological innovation - lots of the headsets available on the market now come in a USB plug design as opposed to the typical phone cord. This is great for companies or individuals moving over to VOIP, and will mean that gamers are now able to enjoy their game without a headset chord getting in their way.
Health - why be stuck to your seat when by using a wireless headset you may get up and wander all round. Most have a range of approximately fifty meters (even though new technological innovation means it's starting to increase) and that means you won’t be tied down to the one location. This is particularly useful in the office setting in which you can have, up to now, been stuck to your cubical instead of had the capacity to move around.

The wireless headset uses Bluetooth technology to attach the ear piece to the receiver (which in turn connects to your computer or the phone) this means you enjoy the freedom to walk around. Bluetooth is a form of technology that allows devices to communicate with one another wirelessly to accomplish a data transfer with the rate of 720kbps. This started off with joining numerous pieces of computer equipment, however, right now with improvements in modern technology; this has been able to get exchange data transfer speeds which can be high enough to exchange a voice signal in real time. For that reason, it is really an important technology in the development of wireless headsets.

Functioning of wireless headsets has also advanced a good deal. The most significant difficulty the moment they were first produced was that they just didn't have the functionality to get the call remotely, meaning if you were removed from your desk you would have to run back to hit the answer button on the receiver. However this has now been fixed and the manufactures have been able to integrate an answer button within the actual earpiece. Meaning it is possible to just press the button on your headset when you hear the phone ring and you'll be hooked up.

Now despite the fact that we've talked a good deal in regards to the benefits of wireless headsets in the office setting, a wireless headset will also be an excellent option for people playing online games. Having a wireless headset ensures that you can concentrate on your game without getting sidetracked by the wire connection to your computer, plus you have your hands free to keep playing the game.