Looking for the Best Gaming Laptop under $500?

Ok, so how do you know that laptop is bad for gaming? If you're able to figure this out, you might be able to understand how to choose good gaming laptops for under $500 in 2012. If you want a decent computer and your main aim is to spend hours playing computer games, you need to think about the amount of processing power you will be getting for that price.

It is not always about the brand of the CPU like choosing between AMD and Intel. It is more about the speed and how good the caching of the processor is. You don't need to understand what the L3 cache means but you need to be able to read the marketing characteristics of the gaming computer.

For example, how many gigahertz of CPU will you get with your laptop? What about the graphics card and how many gigabytes of memory does it have? There is also the important aspect of getting enough random-access memory also known as RAM. You don't have to understand what a DDR3 means. With the above said, here are a few good gaming laptops under $500 that you might want to check out in 2012.  Amazon has many laptops in the five hundred dollars price range.

Samsung It NP-RV515-A02US Laptop PC

One thing that we stand out to you when you take a look at this Samsung laptop is that it doesn't come with the traditional classic black color. You already know that appearance isn't the only thing that counts when choosing a gaming laptop.Good gaming laptop under $500 Samsung It NP-RV515-A02US Laptop PCCredit: Amazon

This comes with a nice widescreen at 15.6 inch. You also get 4 gigabyte of RAM which is not too shabby when you consider that you can purchase this laptop for $480 at DataQDirect. You get a decent 500 GB of hard disk space and a nice AMD processor. This is a rather complete gaming laptop that belongs on the list of good gaming laptops under $500.

HP Pavilion G6-1B60US Laptop

HP is a good brand and is worth your moneyGood gaming laptop under $500 HP g6-1d60us (15.6-Inch Screen) Laptop ComputerCredit: Amazon if you're looking into buying good gaming laptops. The price is very competitive at $490 and it comes with a Webcam, Wi-Fi /cable Internet connection, 4 GB of RAM and a decent AMD CPU.

You also get a DVD reader and writer with 500 GB of hard disk space. If you want a large screen, you will not be disappointed by the 15.6 inch screen

Gateway NV5387u Laptop Computer

This laptop is very interesting because most people will likely not recognize the Gateway brand. That said, what you should be more interested in are the characteristics of this laptop.

For $499 at Buy.com you can purchase this refurbished laptop that comes with 2.2 GHz of AMD CPU. It comes with a rather impressive 4 GB of RAM which is good for the price you expect to pay. You need to bear in mind that if this were a brand-new computer you will have to pay more. This laptop comes with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and 350 GB of hard disk space. For gamers who love big screen, you will get 15.6 inch widescreen.