Just very recently, a very good looking friend of mine was baffled by the fact that seemingly less attractive are fast getting hitched to the marriage bandwagon, while the prettier eye catching ones who seem to have it all are left single and often heartbroken. At that moment, we laughed over it and let it slide, but the question has returned to hunt me over and over again.

One would agree that naturally, a more physically attractive person would have a greater number of admirers than her less appealing counterpart. However, and regrettably in our society today, an attractive and eye catching lady is already judged as being promiscuous, for no other reason than her good looks.

A random interview conducted for ladies who scored above seven (7) in the looks department (on a scale of 1-10) revealed that they have a large number of men chasing after them. Sadly, these are men who are willing to spend a lot of money on them, and fulfill their every whim, but not willing to walk down the aisle with them. Suffice it to say that they are considered beautiful yet worthless pebbles, to be admired and shown off, but ultimately not to be put to any profitable or desired (for the ladies) use.

Also, the alarmingly high numbers of guys who live to hit on the ladies do not make the matter easier on them. I refer to members of the men folk, who have no scruples whatsoever. They are the immature (and often emotionally malnourished ones) who basically ‘hunt and kill’. I believe the modus operandi is to find a decidedly pretty lady, hit on her, destroy her reputation and move on to the next target.

What then should these beautiful young ladies do? Should they steer clear of all relationships? What becomes their fate in the long run? Should they continue to suffer numerous heartbreaks in their quest for emotional/ marital satisfaction? For how long would they live with the evil cloak they are burdened to wear?

I impore the men folk and the society to look kindly on these pearls. Do not judge the book by its cover! They have just as much right to be loved and wed. and finally, to the men: don’t bed her if you can’t wed her. #shallom.