Minors for Psychology Major


There are number of different minors available for Psychology major. Psychology is one of the very diverse fields of study that offers various areas of specialty to candidates who are willing to study this subject as major on college level. Due to availability of plenty of options to choose minors for choosing it as major all students must choose minors according to their personal interest. Always select minor that is beneficial for specific area of specialization. For example taking a minor course in business can be very beneficial for those students who are going to study industrial/organizational Psychology or marketing.

Fortunately, all top accredited colleges and universities allow candidates to choose major course according to their personal interest. If a candidate has already decided about his major subject at college level, he must be trying to select specific minor courses that support major course in further higher studies. As we know it is very broad field therefore several minor courses are considered suitable for this subject.


Few Minor Courses that are considered suitable for a Psychology Major

Following are the few minor courses that are very suitable for candidates who are planning to study psychology major at college level.

  • English/Technical Writing
  • Political Science/History
  • Life Sciences/Biology
  • Computer Science/Philosophy/Anthropology
  • Math

English/Technical Writing

English/Technical Writing is very important minor course for every student whether he/she is going to study psychology major or not. Students of all graduate programs need to write a lot from journal articles, research proposals, presentation and grants.  Strong writing skills are essential to complete graduate level psychology degrees. Therefore, choosing English/technical writing as minor course will enable you to communicate with clients and presentation of research study.  

Political Science/History

You may think that Political Sciences and History are not directly related to the field of Psychology. But these two subjects are very good minors for those students who are interested to study forensic or law related psychology. These two minors support candidates to get admission in graduate level psychology degree programs.

Life Sciences/Biology

Life Sciences or Biology teaches students about living organisms. It is a great minor for all college degree programs that involve experiments. Life Sciences minor is a perfect minor for students interested to select this major. As we all know Psychology talks about human behavior that’s why learning about physical features of human brain is very beneficial for students of this major. Moreover, studying life sciences as minor will also help you to learn scientific methods and experimental design that trains candidates to conduct research work at college level.

Computer Science/Philosophy/Anthropology

Although these three courses Computer Science/Philosophy/Anthropology are considered as less relevant minors to study Psychology major in graduate classes. But if a candidate is going to specialize in the field of Cognitive Sciences then these minors create a perfect sense. Cognitive Sciences talks about human intelligence. These minor subjects will provide basic training to conduct research, memory, language and awareness to artificial intelligence.


Students who enjoyed working with numbers and good in statistics, they can become successful Statistician. Almost all graduate level degree programs include Math as a core course. Same way it can be a supporting minor for psychology major. Professional psychologists also deal with group of people and a part of population to study their behaviors. In order to conclude results they have to use Statistical analysis techniques.


These are some examples of good minors for Psychology major. Studying these minors will prepare you to study this subject as major in college classes. In case you are not sure which career in Psychology you are going to pursue, it is good to choose minor subject of your interest. It is very broad subject with huge range of minors in diverse field. Selecting any minor courses totally depend on your interest and future planning about your career.