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Prostate cancer can be a terrifying prospect for many men. Discussing some uncommon facts about this cancer can reduce the mystery.

There is a Blood Test to Detect Prostate Cancer

Early detection is one way that the negative effects of cancer can be mitigated. During a blood test, if the level of antigens that are produced by the prostate are greatly elevated, it could be a sign that a person's prostate is enlarged due to cancer. Although an elevated PSA level is a sign of cancer, it does not necessarily confirm a diagnosis. Rather, this test serves as an excellent way of monitoring a person's body.

Sexual Activity Influences Prostate Cancer Risk

Certain STDs will increase the chances that a person gets sick, so a person that has multiple sexual partners is at a much higher risk (up to 40%) of getting sick. However, it has been shown that frequent ejaculation can reduce the amount of carcinogens, thereby reducing the chance of illness.

Urinary Problems are the Most Common Sign of Prostate Cancer

Aside from being very annoying and uncomfortable, another common sign is if he is experiencing issues urinating. In order to resolve these issues, it is important to see a doctor. While at the doctor, a person experiencing such issues should always ask for a more in depth check in order to precisely determine what the root cause of the problem is.

Healthy Diet Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

Maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy weight can greatly reduce the chances of a man developing the disease.

The Number of Men Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer is Rising

The number of men under 65 who are being diagnosed with prostate cancer is rising. The greatest increase is in men between 50 and 60. To combat this, increased checks are recommended.

Surgery Can Save Lives for Men under 65

For men who are under the age of 65, there can be huge benefits associated with having surgery on the prostate. For those who decide to undergo surgery, the amount of cancer in the body is reduced, as well as the chances that it returns.

Talk with you doctor to determine the best time to start testing for prostate cancer.