For those of us who are single or live in a household where only one of us drink coffee, making a full pot of coffee is often a hassle and leaves you with left over coffee that you end up throwing out. The solution so far has been to buy one of the single serve coffee makers with pods, such as the Keurig or Starbucks Verismo brewers. These coffee makers are fast and convenient, when you just need one cup of coffee. However, there are downsides to these machines. The biggest downside is the cost of the pods. One cup of coffee often ends up being $0.55-0.65. Yes, that is only for one cup. Another downside is that the pods already contain a pre-measured amount of ground coffee, limiting your ability to control the boldness of your coffee.

Scoop coffeemaker

But there is an alternative out there - The single serve Scoop Coffee Maker from Hamilton Beach. Like the other machines mentioned, this machine brews one cup of coffee at a time. However, instead of having a pod with pre-measured coffee, this machine comes with a scoop allowing you to use your own ground coffee. This gives you multiple advantages:

  1. You decide what type of coffee to use, that being Starbucks, Caribou, etc.(Yes, any package at the grocery store will work)
  2. You save money! Ground coffee at the grocery store is a lot cheaper than buying the pre-measured coffee pods.
  3. You control the amount of coffee to add to the scoop. In other words you control how bold you cup of coffee should be. If that is not enough, the machine has two brew settings (Regular and bold). By pushing bold, the brew time will increase and your will get a richer cup of coffee.





But let’s not kid ourselves. The most important thing when discussing coffee is taste! I have now had my Scoop Coffee Maker for a month and I’m very happy with it. The coffee tastes great - definitely a lot better than the Keurig machine I had before. It is also fast. Simply scoop, push brew and your will have a hot cup of great tasting coffee in less than 3 minutes. The machine fits both regular 8 oz. cups, as well as 14 oz. travel mugs for the busy mornings. And best of all, the machine hardly requires any cleaning.

For those of us who likes just one cup of coffee, but don’t want to pay top dollar for the K-Cups, the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker is the perfect alternative.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel (49981)
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(price as of Dec 30, 2015)