Most people would agree that money and wealth are some of the highest forms of security available. It is for this reason that individuals seek to make the most from their money instead of having it stand still “collecting dust.” Though stocks and bonds are some of the more traditional forms of investing one’s money, there are many other ways in which one’s finances can increase. Since the stock market has shaken investors over recent years, a need for alternative investments has risen. Fancy colored diamonds may not be familiar to all; especially as investment options, but over the last decade they have rather quickly gained a miraculous amount of attention as a commodity for the purpose of an investment, and quite a profitable one too.

What Are Colored Diamonds?


Natural colored diamonds are the same as the diamonds we all love, which, unlike traditional colorless stones, display a variety of colors including pink, yellow, brown, green, along with many other hues. These stones are extraordinarily rare, are difficult to find, and are discovered in very few locations around the globe. The most important aspect of a colored diamond is its color. Therefore, diamonds possessing stronger colors are generally more valuable. Similarly, there are particular colors that are rarer and in higher demand than others, and these too are worth impressive sums.


A Colored Diamond’s Value


The value of a colored diamond, which plays a very important aspect depends on several factors. As mentioned earlier, the color plays a central role. There are, however, a number of elements related to a diamond’s color. These include the diamond’s primary color, its secondary hues (if there are any), and finally, the color intensity. The size of the diamond is another crucial feature, along with the cut and clarity, but in relation to the color they are nowhere near as important. Large colored diamonds are very hard to come by. What may be considered small by colorless diamond standards can be quite large for a color diamond. Just like any other commodities, the products value also depends very much on the supply and demand. A very rare colored diamond that is in high demand can fetch far more than one would ever imagine.


The recommended diamonds are Argyle Pink Diamonds, Fancy Yellow Diamonds with an internally flawless clarity grade over 2.00 carats, or a high quality Fancy Blue Diamond as exceptional investment options as a result of the rarity, supply, and the high market demand.

The Security of a Colored Diamond


Another large advantage to investing in a color diamond is that it is yours and can be in your possession at all times. Yes, the value may change just like any investment, but you will still always have what you have purchased. In regards to a colored diamond, the odds are in your favor. You don’t have to look too far back to see how high colored diamond prices have risen, and according to their price performance they will continue to rise. There are limited sources for high quality colored diamonds. Investing in such a diamond will provide you with the security that you will not only have this remarkable diamond, but that it will be worth far more than the amount you paid. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this investment will bring immediate high returns. Economists claim that fancy colored diamond investment, while performing remarkably, are long term alternative options. One looking for a quick “in and out” should look elsewhere.

Pros and Cons


Colored diamonds have been officially recognized as wise investment opportunities. That is a fact. So why haven’t all investors seized the opportunity? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, this is still a relatively new investment opportunity that has yet to be discovered by some. Secondly, colored diamonds are rare, and it is difficult to find a stone that is everything an investor wants it to be in terms of being the very best investment. Thirdly, considerations, such as how long it will take to liquidate your investments have some people on the fence. Nevertheless, these “cons,” if you can call them that, are outnumbered by the pros.


A colored diamond is lightweight and portable, making it incredibly easy to travel with, store, or hide. Colored diamonds are unique, mesmerizing, and have been worn by royalty for centuries. Best of all, a colored diamond, unlike many other investments, can be enjoyed and admired by wearing it in a variety of ways. You can set it in the perfect setting, receive endless compliments, and all the while know that this compact treasure is earning you money every moment that goes by.