I have been involved with lots of networking businesses, anything from travel to soaps, lotions and potions. I have traveled all over the United States from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles California, Salt Lake City Utah, Long Beach California and many other major cities to conferences and pep rallies.

I have devoted hours each week to cold calling people and trying to convince them that I have the latest greatest most revolutionary idea or product that has ever hit mainstream culture. I promised that this item would be the one to take over the global market if they would just jump on board with me.

Well, at the end of over three decades here I am sitting back in my recliner with my 25 inch computer monitor writing content for the World Wide Web. The hope is that I will get good enough at SEO. Hey I am not even sure what it is. My mentor is telling me such things as making back links and continuing to put up information on my travel blog. I am still unsure as to the real value of even a real Blog. All this computer stuff is foreign to me but I think I may have found my niche because I love to talk and at night when I am bored I love to just sit and type endless brain numbing things on my computer. Speaking of love to talk, I am thinking I should get one of those programs called Dragon Naturally Speaking. Is it true? I can just talk and it types everything out for me. That is incredible.

You know this writing for InfoBarrel in hopes of getting out enough content and also in hopes of this old guy beginning to understand the various things like key word research is just a bunch of busy work. When I was involving myself in all those networking businesses, I just loved doing the busy work, like mailing out invitations to my weekly pow-wow or typing up lists of things for me to do. Everyone told me you have to stay focused on contacting people every day. The busy work will not make you money.

Well that is why I feel I have finally found my niche, because writing for Info Barrel is really just a bunch of busy work. I don't have to get on the phone and call people and I don't have a credit card maxed out with lots of product that I made a 3% commission on. I am not constantly trying to figure out how to scrape together the money to get to the next pow-wow convention in hopes of this one being the one that will motivate me so much I will jump out of my skin.

I have always returned home and just did the busy work. Well it's a cold dreary Saturday afternoon in Idaho, the great potato state, and I am like I said sitting in my recliner snacking on Christmas treats and enjoying the comfort of the fireplace just doing busywork. Hey I could write an article about Idaho Potatoes; cool another idea for InfoBarrel.

I don't know how to figure out how much money I might be able to make with this on-line writing gig. I do know that it did not cost me anything to apply and I have no quotas or expectations or no set levels to get to. I can just sit and think and talk to myself and type about all my experiences and my knowledge that I have, and I can read and research and discover more and write about that.

To me this is the most satisfying busy work I have ever done. So I am just thinking if I keep doing busywork with InfoBarrel for the next 12 years in my spare time and I write about 3 articles for them every day, and in the process learn about all those cool things like back-linking, SEO, and key word research, well that over 13,000 pieces of content.

My mentor Ernie tells me that content is king. While you are learning about all the cool stuff that will make your content more accessible on the web, just keep adding content. Well like I said it is just busy work and I love busy work, it is what has held me back from making any money in all the other business ventures I got involved with. I wish had been writing on the web 30 years ago, oh yeah that would not have worked., however that's another idea to write about, life without the internet. A foreign thing to kids these days. Oh crap, I am going off on a tangent I need to save that idea for another article.

Since I love the busy work so much I imagine that by the end of my 12 years, that is when I will be the ripe old age of 60. I don't think the government is going to let me retire that young, I hear they are raising the bar a couple more years, but oh well that another article idea.

I just think to myself if I have ten, fifteen, thirty thousand plus pieces of content on the web over the next 12 years and by that time most of it is all SEO and key word searched and all that cool stuff. Heck I will probably have more than that, because I have been involved with buying product for so many years I hear I can even buy unique articles. Intriguing to think about how much money this would make me every month.

Also I don't really understand rankings but my mentor Ernie told me that Info Barrel is moving up in the Alexa rankings very quickly, thus making it easier for people doing searches to run on to our articles and clicking on more of our ads. I think that is pretty cool.

I am just a guy that likes doing some busy work on the side, but I am banking my residual income on typing content on the web and putting social security in line behind that, so good-bye traditional network marketing ideas and my old network marketing buddies that keep trying and failing.

As for all you that had more fun organizing your desk, sending out invitations to your get together and having barbecues at the house, you know just the busy work. Start doing some content writing for InfoBarrel on the web. I think over the long haul this will reap you much greater rewards than continued disappointments in all the other work from home ideas.