Cup of coffee a day

Goodness of a cup of coffee a day

Amazingly, coffee is actually good for us. Here, we will discuss about the goods of coffee.

Coffee was believed to be first drunk during the 9th century after it was discovered on Ethiopian highland. From there, it was making famous from Egypt to Yemen and during 15th century, it reaches Armenia, Persia, Turkey and northern Africa.

European travelers had made coffee its way to Europe and becoming popular across the continent. It was said that when it reaches to Venice in 1615, the local clergy condemned drinking of coffee and it was calling the beverage the “bitter invention of Satan”. Despite such controversy, coffee beverage has become famous among merchants, shippers, brokers and artists community in Europe.

Benefits of coffee

1. Stimulate secretions in body

Recent research done by University of Tokyo medical school found that caffeine intake boosts a person’s ability to produce tears, which might improve the treatment of dry eye syndrome, suffers by people over 50 years of age. It was showed 13 % of users had dry eyes versus 17% of non users. They also found out that caffeine was likely to stimulate other secretions in the body such as saliva and digestive juices.

2. Stimulate nerve systems

In every 200g of coffee contains 135 mg of caffeine. The consumption of caffeine will help in stimulating the arrangements of brain nerve, respiratory system and blood vain and heart vessels. This will make the consumer always alert and fresh.

3. Increase the brain performance

According to Scientist from University of Barcelona, it was found that intake of caffeine and sugar will increase the brain performance. Research was done with 40 volunteers with 3 beverages coffee with sugar, coffee without sugar and boiled water. Coffee with sugar is the best beverage to consume to face their work challenges. Finding of this research was published in Human Psychopharmacology, Clinical and Experimental Journal.

4. Antioxidant

Antioxidant from the coffee also acts as an army to shield our body. Consumption of coffee will help to reduce the Parkinson and also diabetes type II. Researches from Harvard School of Public Health had list down facts about coffee can act as antiaging process. Other collaboration research done by University of Scranton, University of Athens and Keio University concluded that drinking coffee will lower the blood level, lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Dr. Joe Vinson, a chemistry professor explained “a cup of coffee a day is enough to benefit your heart”. Even Christchurch Hospital concluded babies will have difficulties in breathing after birth if coffee is consumed a lot of their mothers.

As Dr. Vinson said, one cup is enough. Too much is poison. Yes it’s too good to resist the goodness and the taste of the coffee. But hey, we have 365 days more to drink another 365 cups of coffee right?

Let’s be healthy by drinking a cup of coffee a day. William Blake quotes: “You never know what enough is unless you know more than enough.”

What do you say about this? Let’s discuss about this and perhaps we will get benefit from sharing.