Merchandising for lovable cartoon characters is typically targeted towards children, but a key exception to this is watches. Both Looney Tunes and Disney licensed the image of their characters for watches not only for children but also high-quality watches for adults. Goofy fans young and old have the opportunity to glance at their wrists any time of day and smile noticing Goofy looking back at them.

The Goofy watches made for adults have high quality craftsmanship. You can find a Goofy watch with fine leather bands in various colors. The styling of the watch is handsome and the watch face itself, depicting Goofy, is exquisitely detailed and artistic. These are not cheap watches at all. These are fashionable, high-quality watches made for adults. In fact, you may find visiting your dentist or your doctor that he or she has a handsome wristwatch that turns out to have Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh on its face. You can even spot a Cinderella watch on the wrist of a professional you see. These watches are a great way to enjoy your favorite cartoon character.

I especially like Goofy as a cartoon character not because he is silly and hilarious. He certainly possesses those characteristics. His nutty hijinks have made me laugh many times and they still put a smile on my face when I think of them. But I also like the fact that he is one of the few Disney characters who is a father. And he is a good one, too.

The children's watches to are not simply cheap, plastic, throwaway watches. These are good quality watches that have a purpose: they help children learn how to tell time. On the long hand of these watches you will often see the word inscribed "minute" and on a shorthand you will see the word "hour." It these inscriptions help the child learn the difference between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock. Children these days with exposure mostly to digital clocks need all the help they can get in learning how to tell time in the traditional fashion, a requirement of most first and second grade mathematics curricula. A Goofy watch for child would make a great gift, both to help bring a smile to that child's face whenever he or she looks down a Goofy but also to help that child learn how to tell time.

There is a wide selection of Disney and Looney Tunes watches available on the Internet at many different Internet locations. You will have your choice of characters of styles and of bands. Find a Goofy watch today at a reputable Internet source.