The Google Chrome Browser is wonderful. The browser is one of the best I have tried and I would recommend it for anyone of any age that is searching for a nice simple browser to get access to the internet.

When I began to use the Chrome Browser I was tempted to go back to using Internet Explorer. However, once I found my way around the Chrome Browser I would never go back to Internet Explorer.

One thing I love about Google Chrome Browser is having all the pages that you have explored open on the browser. If you have to reboot or close the browser it will remember what pages you had open and ask if you would like to have these pages reopened.

You can have more than one main browser open by taking one of the pages or tabs opened on your Google Chrome and “pulling it out”. You can create another entire browser pulling out one tab.

Bookmarking is made easy with the Google Chrome. In addition, there are wonderful add ons that allow you to improve your productivity and help you do what you need to with your browser without a lot of clutter on your desktop. A cluttered desktop will deplete your productivity faster than anything else when working on any computer.

There are great add ons for your Google Chrome Browser to make your browsing experience even better and you shouldn’t surf the web without.

Facebook Chrome Add On

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites on the internet today. There is a drop down Facebook box with this add on that allows you to navigate through the site with ease.

With the drop down box you can check notifications, update and stay on top of everything that is happening with your Facebook account.

Speeding up Facebook surfing and save you much-needed time is something you can use everyday. If you are a daily Facebook adventurer you will love this little add on.

Translate Add On

Translating pages to English is easy with this Google Chrome add on. Any page on the web can be translated with little or no effort using this little puppy. Don’t miss out on some great pages simply because they happen to be in another language

Best Google Chrome Add On

The best add on for Google Chrome is one that allows you to check your Google Mail, Google Voice, Google Wave and Google Reader all at the same time. This add on allows simple navigation in one spot.

This integrates your RSS feeds, email, waves and Google Voice in one place. It provides you with everything you need to keep up to date with what’s going on in your world and keeping in touch with everyone.

Fastest Fox for Google Chrome

As the name suggests, this was originally designed for Firefox but tweaked to work for your Google Chrome. This is terrific for web surfers that need to research quite a bit.

Instead of flicking through hundreds of pages to find what you need, it simply brings it to you. It can pre-cache to selection links. Referencing sites similar to Wikipedia to make your life researching hundreds of times easier saving you time yet again.

This is extraordinary for the researcher in you. You get the information you need as quickly as possible.

AdBlock Chrome Release

When Google Chrome was originally released an ad blocker was missing. This was critical for many web surfers. Nothing ruins surfing the web like being bombarded with ads constantly.

This is the only Google Chrome extension that will allow you to select if you want a button displayed on your address bar.

These are ad ons that have been created to make your life and world around the web easy as pie. Don’t miss out on a fantastic web surfing experience using these wonderful ad ons developed for Google Chrome.