Google Adsense (25651)

Google Adsense is an ad service that is provided by the Google corporation. Web site operators register with Google Adsense and establish advertising areas on their displayed web pages. The ad box is controlled by Google Adsense which uses it to show text, image or video ads to the web page viewers. Ads generate revenue from the product advertisers by the pay per click method. When viewers activate an ad via a mouse click, the action is noted by Google Adsense. The advertiser is levied a small fee for the viewer's click. Business that establish Internet marketing programs subscribe to Google Adwords because their ads are generally displayed to interested potential customers. The ads are place on web pages based on the particular web content prepared for the viewer. Google Adsense uses other factors when determining which ads to display on a web page such as the language of page, the location of the viewer, the popularity of the web site and other factors that may be helpful to customize ads for the viewers. The ads are less intrusive than most banner types of ads. They are also passive in that a viewer can continue their web page review without interruption. Pop-up or video overlay ads, on the other hand, delay access to the web page while the ad, which is usually unrelated to the web page content, is running.
Many web site operators use Google Adsense to monetize the web pages of their site. Sites like Infobarrel deliver dynamic content covering thousands of topics based on the interests of the web page viewers. The authors of the topic articles share in the revenue received by Infobarrel from Google Adsense when pay per click actions are recorded. This has resulted in a large number of authors registering with Infobarrel to provide content articles. These are stored in the Infobarrel web server which organizes them by particular category such as business, technology, geography and many other index criteria. When viewers search for matching information on the Internet, the Infobarrel articles are found and displayed. Each web page delivered has Google Adsense ad boxes. Pay per click revenue generated from the displayed ads is shared between the Infobarrel site operator and the author of the article. The exact sharing formula is variable depending on several factors but the article author's share of the Google Adsense pay per click revenue is a minimum of 75%. Other web content sites sometimes offer a similar revenue sharing program with their authors. Infobarrel is quite generous with their charity article program. This allows authors to submit articles to Infobarrel and designate that Google Adsense pay per click revenue will be donated to a humanitarian agency.
Infobarrel and the article authors have worked together to improve the display of web content which improves the Google Adsense pay per click revenue. Several ad boxes are placed on each web page at various locations. These are designed to complement the article content. The authors provide articles that are very informative and well written. New author article submissions are judged by Infobarrel editors to ensure that they are of sufficient quality to be included in the Infobarrel index. As well, articles can be reviewed for content at any time and removed from the index if necessary. The editorial policy improves the quality of the content which increases the relevance to advertisers. Google Adsense has boosted the page ranking of Infobarrel content as a result. This in turn increases the revenue potential for pay per click ads.
Articles submitted to Infobarrel often contain links to other relevant articles. This allows web page viewers to receive another page of related information if they click on the link. The establishes an additional Google Adsense session with new display ads in the presented ad boxes. The new page also offers a new opportunity for pay per click revenue. Similarly, articles on other web pages, not hosted at Infobarrel, will contain links to an author's article at Infobarrel. These are called backlinks and they allow viewers to receive content stored at Infobarrel, which is related to the currently displayed web page, to be referenced from the original page view on the other web site. Authors will often establish articles on other sites not offering Google Adsense pay per click revenue sharing because it offers the backlink reference to their Infobarrel content.
Google Adsense displays ads on web pages from advertisers who register with Google Adwords. The advertiser analyzes their product offerings and establish terms that reference these products. These keywords are then registered in an online marketing campaign. When a web user searches for similar terms with the Google search engine, a match with an advertiser's campaign may allow the associated ad to display. The keywords are not unique to the Google Adwords advertisers, however. Advertisers establish a budget which applies a value to each search term for that advertiser. Ads display if the search term matches keywords and the advertiser has established an amount for their pay per click cost that ranks it higher than other advertisers using the same keywords. For certain very popular keywords, an advertiser may need to specify that they will assign a pay per click amount of several dollars for each web page click. Other keywords not in high demand for advertisers may result in a pay per click cost of only a few cents each. Advertisers find that spending relatively high amounts for each pay per click keyword is cost effective as the web viewer is often a very motivated customer. The value of the future business resulting from the client will often greatly exceed the pay per click cost. The advertisers find that Internet marketing campaigns that use keywords with pay per click ads are more effective at delivering the ads to interested potential customers. Google Adsense provides statistical reports to the advertisers registered with Google Adwords. These show the advertisers exactly how many ads were displayed to web page viewers, how many resulted in pay per click costs and when. Advertisers can even customize their statistical settings in order to determine the exact portions of their advertising campaigns that were most attractive to the pay per click actions of viewers. These would give the advertiser an opportunity to further refine their product offering for similar potential customers.
Google Adsense represents a substantial departure from the early web advertising and content delivery methods. Because of this program, many premium content web sites have been able to provide their services free to the web page viewers. Advertisers are able to finely tune their marketing to ensure that pay per click costs are concentrated in the web pages most suitable to their potential customers. Web site operators like Infobarrel give authors a significant opportunity to write web content for the education and entertainment of web page viewers and for the significant share of the Google Adsense pay per click revenue.