Pay your bills, or just have a little fun with google adsense

Google Adsense can be a highly profitable venture. You may have heard of legendary website owners making $15k a month simply by running a few highly popular websites, or maybe you've even seen the success stories here on infobarrel who are raking in the Adsense cash monthly. Getting to this level of revenue is hard. Though not in it's complexity, but rather in the large amounts of time and effort you'll need to put in, in order to link build, garner popularity, and eventually start collecting paychecks.

First things first

You're gonna need somewhere to put all of those ads you'll get through google Adsense, so start by creating a website with some original content. In order to qualify, you'll need a fairly high quality website with a few articles, so work out where you'll want to host your website, and be sure to get a url with some good and relevant keywords. Your keyword choice will be incredibly important! Be sure to create content targeted towards keywords with a high volume of searches and a low level of competition. You should be able to get this information from keywords tools around the web. Google Adwords in particular is very useful.


Alternatively, you may choose to not create your own site, but rather write revenue producing articles and place your ads there. There are a ton of choices, all of which will offer you decent earnings assuming you can 

Get down to business

And sign up with google Adsense. From here you'll get your publisher ID and the ability to produce the html for the ads that you can place around your website. Be sure that the ads are set to be relevent to the article information, and that they are placed in reasonable location. Test different things out and see how your income fluctuates to find the perfect placement for your specific site. If you're using a revenue site, the ads are usually placed for you and you should focus more on keywords and backlinking...

Keyword and Backlink!

Choosing competitive keywords will earn you a lot, but only if you're able to compete with the other hundred thousand people who want your keywords. If you can choose a few fairly competitive, high traffic keywords, and eventually become an authority on those particular keywords, then you can potentially make bank! Backlinking, or placing links to your website around the web, will also be hugely important in creating some authority in your keywords and eventually getting ranked number one. This is also important for you article writers.

Be Patient

Generating a decent amount of revenue from google Adsense can take years. Definitely don't quit your day job, and definitely don't attempt to turn to any black hat methods, as in the long run, they'll only hurt you. Focus on building quality content and quality backlinks through actually interest in the subject, and potentially hiring good writers to help you. It will be a long road, but as long as you have the drive, and the attention span to deal with google Adsense, then you too can eventually start to see the income that a lot of the hot shots in the keywords game are making right now.

Good luck

Remember, patience! The moment you decide to give up, is the moment that you decide that you don't want to make any money. Be sure to commit to your website, your articles, or whatever it is you decided to monetize with google Adsense. Don't forget to enjoy yourself, and good luck!