You Can Easily Check Your Adsense Account on Your Mobile Device

Smart phone technology

New smart phone technology is making it easier for people to both communicate with clients and keep track of their businesses, even when they are on the run all day.

If you are an online writer, a blogger, or have any online business for which you earn revenue from Google Adsense, you will be pleased to know that you are now able to quickly and easily check your Google Adsense account from your iPhone … as well as from other smart phones, too. Yes, "there's an app for that!"

Before you begin, however, you have to already have set up an Adsense account.  If you have had problems with that, you will benefit using this direct Amazon link to "Applying For Google Adsense: What You Need to Know."  This cheap Kindle book contains invaluable information.

How can you check Adsense on your smart phone?  First, it is not really an app ... it is actually a bookmark.  However, it works quite well.  I did not have to download it from the Apple App Store or from Google Play on my phone. Instead, I was able to use my phone to go on the internet, log in and set up an icon directly on my home screen. Using smart phone technology has made it much easier for me to travel, work and run errands, while maintaining my freelance writing career. Here's how to set up a Google Adsense bookmark on your iPhone.

How to Set Up an Adsense Bookmark on an iPhone

Begin by using the Safari icon, which is located on the bottom of your home screen. This is your internet connection. When you touch the Safari icon, the full screen will open up to the last internet search that you did. Touch the search box at the top of the screen. When you do, your iPhone keyboard will pop up. Touch the "x" on the keyboard to erase anything that is currently typed in the search box. Next, type in your account information.

This procedure should take you directly to your personal Adsense account page. Because the print is tiny, you will have to swipe your fingers across the screen to enlarge the print. From there, log in and use Adsense just like you would normally. I have my Adsense homepage set up to take me directly to my report/overview page. The minute I open it, I can immediately see my income for that day. I can check all the information that interests me … top channels, yesterday's earnings, etc.

While you have the Adsense homepage open, click on the plus sign at the bottom of the iPhone screen. A pop-up box will appear asking if you would like to bookmark the site or add it to your home screen. I clicked on home screen, and now I have an icon that takes me directly to my Adsense home page.

How to use the Adsense Bookmark for the iPhone

Since I have several sources of income that comes into my Adsense account, I really appreciate the flexibility of checking my daily, weekly, monthly and all-time income through my iPhone. It doesn't matter whether I am near a computer or not, I can still check my Adsense income. I can also click on "channels" to see the specific sources of income. This helps me decide where it is most effective for me to spend my time ... which kinds of articles and which bookmarking sites produce the most revenue.

What I Have Not Tried to do on the iPhone

I have not tried to add new channels on my iPhone Google Adsense page, although it appears to be possible. In fact, I have not seen anything on my Adsense iPhone mobile bookmark that I don't see on my home computer page. The bookmark seems very versatile. Obviously, since we are working with a phone and not a full size computer screen, the print is small and needs to be enlarged. This just requires me to swipe my fingers across the screen to enlarge the print. Also, the keyboard is small, which makes typing slower, so I avoid anything that requires lengthy typing. However, this is just my preference. In general, however, I have found this app to be convenient and easy to use.

If you spend a lot of time away from your laptop or home computer, but like to keep track of your earnings, you will love this easy access to your Google Adsense homepage. Each time you click on the Adsense app, the page will automatically refresh. Therefore, even if I checked my account every half hour, I would get the current information. Most of the time you will not even have to log in, although you will need to do it a couple of times a day.

I have not tried to access Google Adsense on other smart phones, but I am sure the technology is also available on Blackberries and similar phones. Give it a try!

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