Google Adsense has a very strict policy, and if any of their algorithms suspect suspicious behavior, they automatically put your account on hold. On hold can either mean that you don't recieve any income during this period, or that your earnings are on hold and will not be transferred to your bank account.


1. Causes Of Google Adsense Payment holds

 When Google Adsense decided to put your account 'ON HOLD' it's very likely one of these facts: 

  • You have breached the rules and they are manually checking your account
  • There is a bug or glitch displaying the message
  • You have to verify your bank account with a test payment (just follow the steps in your Account settings)
  • You have to verify your address with a PIN number(same can be found in Your Account settings, see section 3)

2. Be Sure That You Haven't Breached Google Adsense Program Rules 

Please be sure to check out if you haven't breached their program policy first. You can find the full policy here

One of the most common factors are invalid clicks, so please be sure never to click your own ads or to ask other members to do so. You may also get in trouble for copyright infringement or posting bad content. Misleading your viewers by strategic ads placing is also discouraged.

If you use Google Adsense on your blog or website, please make sure to always include a privacy policy as well and if necessary an about and DMCA section.

Credit: policyadsense

3. Your Google Adsense Account Might Be on Hold Due To  a Payment Treshold That Was Reached


Now finally you should be aware that your account has several verification procedures. First of all you have the bank account verification. Google will place a payment on your bank account that needs to be verified. In the USA, Canada and Mexico you have to add tax information as well. 

Finally If you reached a certain amount ($10, €10, £10, etc..) your account may get on hold because you need to verificate your address. This can happen automatically and you will get a mail at your address with a PIN code.

You can find more information about payment tresholds here

payment treshold google


4. Alternatives In Addition To Adsense

Now please be aware that even tough you have been following the rules, it can still be the case that your Adsense account suddenly gets on hold. Or even worse, people can sabotage your page by 'bomb clicking' your ads. Therefore you should always check your own ads and if you see strange behavior, put their IP in your own 'not allowed to show ads list' that you can find on your Adsense dashboard.
Finally please be aware that If Adsense is your main income you should do your very best to monitor your account, when banned, you can lose a lot of money.
Google and Google Adsense monopolize the web, and unfortunately it's their way, but they are a good company with a lot of automatizations. If you heavily rely on Webvertisement income the best thing to do is to always make sure you don't put all your eggs in the Adsense basket!
Therefore a lof of good alternatives for Google Adsense include:

  • Chikita (they pay via PayPal so make sure you folow PayPal rules as well!)
  • Clicksor (again via PayPal or check)
  • BuySellAds (a great website that you can use to rent out Ad space)