11 Month Adsense Checkup

It has been 11 months of activity on Adsense. There are a lot of statistics now available from Google to review. As a service to less senior Infobarrel authors, here is a description of Adsense performance over the time period. There are now 131 articles live on Infobarrel that contribute to the Adsense statistics. A number of other sites host articles that build on the statistics as well. Although Adsense allows for up to 200 individual channels, (article URLs), there are not that many enabled as yet. The count of Google Adsense channels is about 100.

Many of the Infobarrel articles have backlinks to them from sites such as Shetoldme, Wikinut and others. Many of the articles, and some of the backlinks, also point to a niche site for project managers. That site has generated quite a few Adsense events as well.

Here are the top points to consider from 11 months of Adsense:

Page impressions: 10, 152
Viewer clicks: 175
Top impression date: March 31, 2011 - 115
Top click date: February 9, 2011 - 7
Top earnings date: February 9, 2011 - $8.49
Top click rate date: June 30, 2010 - 100%. 2 page views, 2 clicks
Months to reach $100 payout amount: 10

While the statistics appear interesting, they are somewhat misleading because of the changing number of articles. For example, in December 2010, there were 800 page impressions. In March 2011, there were 1900. It would appear that March was twice as good as December. While it was a good month, there were also about 20% more articles registered with Infobarrel compared to December. It is difficult to compare overall values when the sample of articles is constantly expanding. Also, in March, there was a higher percentage of Adsense display units due to participation rate in the February Infobarrel contest. A comparison of March to April may be more informative that a comparison of March to December.

The overall number of viewers, 10152 in 10 months, is quite interesting. This is averaging nearly 1000 a month. Due to the increasing number of viewers, in part because there now are more articles, the current benchmark is 1800 viewers per month. This represents a fairly high number of viewers. There should be additional opportunities to cross link articles in the future. This may have the desired effect of having a single viewer load a couple, or even a few, of the related articles. This will only happen when the topics are related, of course. No one could expect a random viewer to click the Zimbabwe article after they came to Infobarrel looking for project management software.

The effect of Infobarrel articles on Adsense has been fairly encouraging. It has also been effective for the niche project management site. That site has seen a large number of viewers in the past 10 months as well. Many of the site visitors have come from clicks at Infobarrel articles. This is graphic proof that establishing an Infobarrel article can be an effective way to broadcast new web sites to protential members. The project management site has been receiving surf traffic from Infobarrel and other article sites such as Squidoo. Each has been helpful at getting the word out to those who would be interested in project management topics.

Google Adsense is an interesting way for people to monetize their web sites. The rules are easy to follow and are designed to improve the Internet experience for the viewing public. Those authors who are dedicated to ethical business practices should have no trouble complying with Google rules. The resultant increase in traffic from good article management will improve the Adsense payment rates. Many sites have decided to launch as free services simply because the Adsense program is available. Interested viewers are often not interested in paying money for content, even if it is of very high quality. With Google Adsense display blocks, web content providers can concentrate on the tasks of writing material rather than establishing commercial membership sites.

After May 25, the current Adsense statistics will be updated to show monetary performance for a whole year. The recent page views per month will be compared to the high mark of 1800 for March, 2011. The basic problems of trying to estimate Adsense statistics based on an increasing number of articles will still exist, however. Perhaps with about 150 articles on Infobarrel, it will be time to analyze the performance each. For this to be effective, the Adsense channel data will need to be updated first. It would also be helpful if more Google Adsense channels were available. 200 is a fairly high limit but many authors do reach that amount. A more useful limit would be perhaps 1000 or even more. Computers are capable of handling a lot of data. Were Google to eliminate the channel limit, they would find that they were not storing that much more data. 200 channels is quite an arbitrary limit as well.

Many Infobarrel authors have pointed out that effective backlink strategy is very helpful at boosting traffic. Many of the current set of 131 articles do not have backlinks. Others have only 1 or 2 fairly poor backlinks. The new model is that each article published on Infobarrel should be highlighted on Redgage and Shetoldme right away. There should then be an overview published on Squidoo, Wikinut and Hubpages, with backlinks. These are high ranking sites that really add to the profile of the Infobarrel articles. Squidoo is also helpful in that it shows a linking history. That is, those viewers of a Squidoo article who click on something else are recorded. The author is able to see exactly which page link was clicked by the Squidoo viewer. This can be helpful information. There is also Google Analytics information available from the niche site. This will be analyzed for any trends that may be present. Such analysis may not be available by the May 25 Google Adsense One Year Performance article deadline.