The Best Google Adsense Tips to Increase Online Earnings

Working with google adsense is a great way to break into the world of earning money online, whether it be from articles you write on a crowdsourcing site, to associated content sites, to revenue sharing bookmarking sites, or even if you have your own sites and you want to place a couple of google adsense units to monetize your site and start earning money online.

After having worked with google adsense for a couple of months now, and beginning to see some exciting growth and residual income streams from online writing, I can say that the number one fundamental key to the entire google adsense earnings game is patience. And then some more patience. It really can't be overstated - not only do most online ventures that are monetized by adsense take some initial maturing time to reach their true potential (because they need time to be properly crawled and indexed by google) but you also have to account for the fact that when you start out trying to earn money online you simply won't have the same set of skills and experience you will after pursuing the venture for a couple of months.

Here are a couple of google adsense tips I have compiled from my own experiences of writing online and building residual income streams on the web.

Google Adsense Tips - #1 - Managing Disappointment by Holding Realistic Expectations

The number one reason that people start out writing online in an effort to build up residual income streams, but then stop soon after, is not, as many people might think, simply because the earnings don't justify all the effort. Instead, it's because these same people came into the google adsense game expecting nearly immediate success to such a degree that their online earnings would start lifting some of their monthly financial burdens. This is very likely not going to happen to you. You just have to square yourself with that realization from the get-go. If you are expecting instant financial success while using google adsense, you are going to be disapppointed. It's just as simple as that.

It's far better that you come into the online earning game with more realistic expectations, so that you can better manage your motivation, advoid disasterous discouragement and maintain a healthy and steady output of content. Of all the google adsense tips I could give, this is honestly the most important: keep your head down and worry more about producing a steady stream of fresh and optimized content. Many people throw up one or two articles, don't heed any google adsense tips, wait with fingers crossed to make a couple bucks that same night, and are disappointed when they don't see earnings on their articles for weeks an weeks following that. The simple fact of the matter is that their articles probably haven't even been indexed, or included, within google's ranking system - no wonder they're not going to be seen and clicked on!

How Long Will It Take Me to Earn Money with Google Adsense?

Most people that are starting out trying to earn money with google adsense by writing articles want to know, understandably, about how long on average it will take for them to start seeing appreciable returns on their investment of time and effort. This desire is only natural, but that doesn't mean that anyone can necessarily give you an accurate timeline for your own online writing ventures.

There are just too many factors in play that variously affect each individual's online earnings. If you happen to have a very successful and popular website that receives thousands of visitors per month, but you don't have any ads, chances are that you could insert a couple google adsense units onto your site and wake up the next morning to a good chunk of change in your google adsense account. Unfortunately this will not be the case for most people starting out by writing articles online to earn money with google adsense.

If you want a general timeline as a newbie google adsense article writer, and you can accept the disclaimer that this can in no way be guaranteed to accurately predict your own online writing experience, you can expect to put out articles for over a couple months before you start seeing any steady amount of money. Many people familiar with the best google adsense tips would even say this is too soon; some people write dozens of articles in their first few months before they get their first click.

You should expect this same thing to happen to you - because when it does you'll be emotionally prepared to maintain your output of articles, keep your mind focused on the best google adsense tips you've learned, and not allow yourself to get discouraged.

Google Adsense Tips -#2 - How Well You Do Is Up To You

The general rule of thumb that people in the know discuss in the forums is that you can currently expect to earn an average of $1.25 to $1.50 per month per article (and this, again, is a very general and mathematically averaged projection for infobarrel's performance). Once again, this projection will change based on your own individual situation. Do you perform thorough keyword research on your topic before you write your article? Do you double-check to see how many sites and articles are already ranking for the keyword you're planning to target? If you answered 'yes' to both of these questions, you can expect to do slightly better than someone who's just writing blindly on whatever topics are near and dear to their heart.

That's because writing on the web and trying to earn residual income with google adsense is not about blogging to your heart's content. It's about understanding how google and other search engines work, as well as the advertising market for the keywords you're targeting, as well as best pratices for getting a piece of writing to rank highly for its keywords. As you continue to write online to earn residual income, and you continue to learn the best google adsense tips, and you maintain your steady output of fresh content throughout the months (emphasis on months) you will see your earnings grow steadily.

As far as best practices and the best google adsense tips go, here is a common tendency to avoid: don't spend all day checking your google adsense account to see if you've happened to get another 12 cent click since the last one 3 minutes before. If you were to actually add up all the time you can fritter away on obsessively checking google adsense, you would realize that you could have instead added several more articles per month. Instead of checking all the time, write another article! This is one of the best google adsense tips for success.

Google Adsense Tips - #3 - School is Never Out

If you're just starting out writing articles online to earn money with google adsense, then you need to look at increasing your understanding of search engine algorithims and search engine results pages as at least equally as important as writing your actual articles.

In order to see exactly how important this is, consider two different writers that both take up online writing to earn residual income with google adsense at the same time. The first writer doesn't even know what keywords are - he just writes everyday all day long about various observations he makes from his office.

The second writer, however, has spent even 15 minutes reading about keywords, how to target them within the body of an article, and the basic principles of writing online to earn residual income.

In this example, the second writer could write only one-fifth of the first writer's content, in terms of volume, and still be earning sooner and more. If you read the infobarrel forums, you will naturally increase your knowledge of the best google adsense tips for writing articles and getting them seen.